Monday, January 27, 2014

"with intent"- a new mantra?

That was the motto of today's spin class.

I like it. My mind never drifts when I am in that class, because it is so darn hard and I am thinking 10 seconds, okay 10 more seconds, okay, I can do it for 10 more seconds, please don't say add a gear. I wish my mind WOULD drift a little, so maybe I could stop thinking that my heart is going to explode or yuck, I am leaving a puddle on the floor. So "with intent" maybe I pushed myself a little bit harder. And I came out of class looking like I was in the steam room.

Here are a couple of random thoughts: 

My son is having a snow New Orleans. What is with this freaky weather? It is like the movie The Day After Tomorrow! 

Pharrell wore a Smokie the Bear hat to the Grammys last night. Or maybe it was Curious George's friend. Did you watch any of it?

Wasn't Taylor Swift's Gucci dress to die for! That girl has the best stylist! She always looks perfect.  I didn't love her eye makeup, but the dress...

How come most of the women looked like they were wearing no makeup. Only a few strong lips? Of course, they were wearing a lot of makeup to make it look like they were wearing no makeup! 

Lululemon stock drops even more today? What is going on? 

February is Sunday. Now how did that happen and hallelujah! That much closer to spring. 

And here is my question: do you have any sort of mantra or saying that you repeat to yourself? Any catch phrase that keeps you going? I used to when I was running, but I think I need a new one.