Monday, January 20, 2014

Do you need new jeans?

If so, then check it out -- has 7 for all mankind has Joe's jeans

I'm really tempted to get a pair of grey Joe's jeans and a pair of boyfriend jeans....and the prices can't be beat. Jeans are so ridiculously expensive. But then, so were my Wacoal bras. I finally got dressed  (haha after being surprisingly snowed in and staying in pajamas on Saturday) and I love my new bra. I think it might be worth every penny to have a comfortable and flattering bra. All 60,000 of them. And that makes me "Happy..." Oh my, I can't stop singing that silly Pherrell Williams song. Don't even think about it because then you, too, will be singing it all day long. Maybe paying close to one hundred bucks for a pair of Lululemon pants isn't so ridiculous in the scheme of things.  I think I have lost all basis in reality.

I had a fun spin class, although I was next to some die hard people who were grunting and pouring water over their heads. It seemed a little extreme to me, but I got a good calorie burn and you guessed it..."I'm happy." I wore my Lululemon No limits tank with a chevron pattern and full on Luon wunder under crops.

Although looking at the side view, I am ready to stop singing about being happy. I'm signed up to do another spin class on Wednesday, so I'm not tempted to do step or anything with an impact so my knee can heal a little.  

I got my sweatshirt! I don't know what was going on with Madewell and why my order was backordered and then canceled, but I had a "d'oh" moment and actually called my store to see if they had any in stock. They had tons of the Bien Fait sweatshirt and Bien Sur sweater. I would have loved to buy both, but they were too similar. I got the sweatshirt since it is more practical for me, but the sweater was lovely.  Here it is again because I love it so much. 

The line in J.Crew was probably 15 people deep. I don't think they were giving away clothes, so I walked in and walked out. There is a camouflage tee that I like, but didn't want to wait in that line. I'm afraid to get in the shower right now because I might not be able to come out...If you never hear from me again, that is why.