Friday, January 10, 2014

I hate Pike.

This was me yesterday after tabata. Those pushups.... ouch.

I got invited to a complimentary TRX class today. It was so much fun.  I love it for lower body and I hate it for core. I hate it because it is hard and I hate it because my wrists start to hurt from doing pike and plank. I hate pike with TRX and I hate it using the ball. Pike is tied up there with burpees. And star jumps. And tuck jumps. And fast feet. Wow, I have a lot of exercises that I hate. It feels better to complain about it a little bit. What is your least favorite exercise? 

I have to pick up my daughter from school. Apparently she took a nap at the nurse's office. It is only a matter of time until I get the cold. I'm not sure what exercise class to take tomorrow. Cycle is full, I don't want to take power, since I am still so sore and I did TRX today, and that leaves Tabata. Darn. Since I have to take my son to the airport Sunday, I won't get to workout in the morning, so I might just have to do this class. I was hoping to talk myself out of it, but oh well. It is only 45 minutes. Of hell. 

I wore my Lululemon groove crops and the scoop tank that just came out. I think it is brisk bloom, but you probably can't see it in the pictures. I'm so glad that this tank is not luon light anymore and I hope to see it in more colors (dark colors).