Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lululemon Upload 1/28

Oh my. Where to begin? Was there a color palette for January or was it a hodgepodge of whatever was leftover? There certainly doesn't seem to be an overlying color this month and this week's upload, like last week's, seems very light. And boring. What is going on? I used to buy 2-3 things a week and that hasn't happened in quite some time, so while I am happy not to be bleeding (or sweating) money, I don't get it.

There were a few things I thought worth mentioning, though.

Right as rain jacket. I actually have this and love it. Although it is a spring/summer jacket for me. Right now with most of the country having extreme weather, I am a little surprised to see it uploaded.

Ebb and street tank. This never worked for me, but I know a lot of women loved it and love the feel of it, so this must be a good surprise for some. And it comes in stripes! Same goes for the In the Flow crops.  I had a pair and they were incredibly comfortable and spanx-like, but the waistband often rolled for me. I loved the length, since I am a shorty! But, they ended up on Ebay.

Scuba hoodie with Nice Asana on the back. I actually like this, but would never purchase it because I don't think I can get away with something like that on my back and the scubas are just too short for me (and I am 5 foot 1).

Mula Bundle Wrap. This one leaves me speechless. I don't get the notch on the bottom and it reminds me a little bit of a nursing shirt. I am not a fan of the side zippers either, but that is just me. This one seems like it is destined to be on WMTM really soon.

Energy Bra. My fear is that this bra gets discontinued and something new comes out to replace it, so I have been buying a few of these. I bought the parallel stripe bra a few weeks ago and it fits smaller. I can't figure out how, because I hold it up to other energy bras and it looks like the bandwidth is the same, but it is like wearing a corset and I have a hard time taking it off. The blue baroque is really gorgeous though. I'm not sure if anyone else has had this issue.

Every yogi Tee. This is still something I am interested, but it hasn't made it to my local store yet. Reading reports that it is long and a little sheer in the white. Definitely something I need to try on and am just waiting and hoping!

Shorts/skirts. I know there is a big part of North America not experiencing sub-zero temperatures but it seems odd to me that so many shorts and skirts are uploaded. I'm still waiting for groove crops, but I think I have to get over myself.

Anyway, that is it. Did I miss anything?