Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A fun afternoon cooking!

It's going to snow again and I think my cycle class for tomorrow will be canceled. I'm so bummed! I was actually looking forward to it. Plus, the temperature is in single digits again. I'm so ready for winter to be done! Please don't remind me that it is only January, too.

Of course, when the meteorologists predict snow, what does everyone do? Yup, they go to the grocery store. Why does everyone do that? I'm sure the roads will be clear by tomorrow afternoon anyway. This is New England. I had to pick up some things because I never got around to fixing my lunches for the week and if I have learned anything about myself, it is that lunch is my worst meal of the day and if I don't have something handy, bad things happen. I was a kitchen dynamo.

 Here is an awful picture of roasted broccoli, red onions and chicken sausage. My daughter and I have been picking at it all afternoon and I hope there will be enough left for lunch tomorrow! I was going to throw in some brussel sprouts, but am saving those for another recipe. Trust me, it tastes a lot better than it looks.

I came across a great blog called Damn Delicious and found so many yummy recipes to try. Plus, they all looked pretty easy to make. This is a one pot baked ziti and my daughter just gave me a big high five and said it was fantastic. I have made a lot of pasta dishes in my time and this was a keeper.  The only two things I changed was that I used pecorino romano (so much better than plain parmesan) and I only used 1/4 c heavy cream. This is the link: http://damndelicious.net

 And then, because I am worn out, my Nespresso drink. Every afternoon. Some days, it is even after lunch and not afternoon. Why am I worn out? Oh, jump squats, burpees, lots of back exercises and a horrible exercise on one of those gliders. You get into plank, and put a glider (you could use a paper plate on a floor) under one leg and bring both legs in. I could do 5 at a time. Must go watch Blacklist. And check the snow day calculator. Have a great afternoon.