Thursday, January 30, 2014

My unofficial mascara test

Yesterday I put Guerlain on one eye and Armani Eyes to Kill mascara on the other eye and guess what? They totally rocked! I even watched that amazing standing ovation for Cory Remsburg during the President's State of the Union and they both held up. And boy of boy was I was crying! I really couldn't tell a difference between the two, so I am happy. Yup, still singing Happy!

Yesterday I had a rest day. All that business about not being able to sleep was definitely hormonal. Plus, I had very sore legs from Tuesday's training, so it seemed like a good idea to take it easy. When I was coming back from the foodstore, I had one of those, "Wow, I shouldn't be driving, I am really tired" moments and came home and shut my eyes for 20 minutes. The perfect catnap! I am so lucky to be able to do that. I felt so refreshed after. So much sleep drama! 

That means today is killer tabata. I am wearing my Lululemon ruffle CRB, energy bra and groove pants. Yeah, it is still extremely cold here, so it has been pants all week. I have really grown to love this ruffle CRB, it just fits a little looser and longer. It has been about a month now since I have bought something at Lululemon- probably a record for me. But I am keeping myself busy buying Giorgio armani makeup instead! Must go eat my banana (so I can throw it up during burpees?????) and get in the cold car. Have a great morning!