Thursday, January 2, 2014

What else do you do during a snow day? Shop online!

Lately I have had a lot of luck with J.Crew and I just bought a great sweatshirt from Madewell, but it is on backorder. I have a hard time with wool and cashmere - I just sweat and sweat and itch and itch - so I hope this top works! And I hope it gets here soon! I have a Madewell store near me, so I might have to take a trip there and get instant gratification. I do feel a little old when I am there, though.

I also love this sweater, but it is cotton, angora and wool, so I think I have to stay away from it. More black and white...I sense a theme here. 

Since a lot of my clothes tend to be jeans and a sweater or tee, and somewhat boring and basic, I like to wear fun shoes. Yes, I have a shoe problem. I love these! Of course, with all this snow on the ground, I can't wear something like this until maybe May if I am lucky! These are from Madewell.

Or these Jimmy Choo flats, which are only $348! 

A girl can dream. 

But I digress. I originally sat down at the computer because I STILL need new sneakers and I have no idea how to get new ones. I can read the reviews on Zappos til I am blue in the face. I know I can't wear Nike- too narrow and not enough support- so Nordstrom is out. Dicks has the smallest selection for cross training. What is left? Where do you go to buy sneakers? Help! My feet need your help!