Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lululemon upload 4/1

I love it and I bought everything uploaded- especially the bikinis. April fools.

It seemed like a small upload to me and there really wan't anything that I absolutely had to have. I'm disappointed about the forthright 1/2 zip not showing up again in springy colors or any colors for that matter. I love the CRB in antidote, but I have that bra (wore it today, as a matter of fact), the black camo CRB got returned so I am pretty sure the same print in a No Limits Tank will be much of the same, and I am sick, sick, sick of granite, I mean petite fleur silver spoon. The secret garden floral print looks a little like my grandmother's old sofa, but it would be nice in a bra, poking out with all black. So yeah, easy pass. My wallet is happy since it is taxes time!

Today I had absolutely no stamina/strength. The weights we used were super heavy, so I really struggled. Plus, we had a 20 lb sandbag on our back and walked down the steps and ran up them four times. I was wiped. I wore an old Lululemon tank. I don't know the name of it, but it is perfect because it has a tie at the bottom, is long and covers my butt, is a little bit baggy, is cut very well, and is nice and lightweight. It is probably one of the first things I bought at Lululemon many, many years ago. I also wore my energy bra and groove crops.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lululemon black savasana camo CRB fail :(

I was so excited to get this CRB. I tried on the green camo forme jacket a while ago and thought it was just a little too army for me, so this seemed like the perfect solution. I returned it this morning because the pattern was so, so subtle that it actually looked liked dirt smudges or a glare. This picture below is not an accurate representation at all. Since I have quite a few CRBs in black, I just couldn't justify keeping it. Bummer.  Maybe I will get the spray on yoga pants. Have you seen that? Too funny. I really love that Lululemon has a sense of humor.

My store didn't really have anything that isn't online, except the new Still pants, which I would have definitely tried on. The Post savasana jacket actually looked better in person, even though I don't love those big wide strings. The lightened pull-up looked okay, but I am still hoping for a forthright pullover. In a clear mint. Okay powers that be? I also thought the runamuck tee looked better on the hanger than on the model online. That's not good. 

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting much this week, but my father is quite sick and I am not sleeping well at all. I can be busy all day and not think about it, then I get into bed and my mind goes into overdrive. So I have been sleeping in a bit and not making it to most of my morning classes. I know exercise would be good for me, but....Tomorrow there is an afternoon kick, so I hope to make it to that. I also haven't been cooking. My daughter has been busy and I have no appetite. I have been watching a lot of TV, though. I can't believe Walking Dead and How I Met Your Mother are over this week. Walking Dead looks like it will be gruesome and you just know someone is going to die. Terminus was creepy. And I hope the mother doesn't die on HIMYM. That would be just too sad. I need some happy endings here. Anyway, stay dry. It is supposed to rain like crazy here the next few days. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lululemon upload 3/25

Nothing for me last night! I was hoping for the forthright 1/2 zip, but oh well. I do like the dots in the groovy run shorts.  What's interesting is that last week I picked up the antidote energy bra at a store, but it wasn't included in the upload. I thought it was the other way around, that items uploaded might not be in stores. Whatever. I do love the still pants in fatigue green. I have an old, old pair of still pants in blue, and I wonder how those are compared to the new ones. I use them for traveling since they are super cozy and have POCKETS. I would definitely have to try them on in a store since they need hemming.

I just got my order from last week's mess-up. The black camo is very subtle. Surprisingly so. But today I am wearing scoop neck in parallel stripe, or whatever it is called. I really like the black along the waist. It is very slimming.

Don't worry, I am getting my hair done tomorrow. Too much grey so these Bangbusters are great at hiding the roots. It is so nice to have someone else wash my hair! Lunch is calling. Don't know what it is, but I just got hungry so must go before I eat everything in sight. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lululemon antidote energy bra part 2

Okay, the new sizing energy bra is basically a size up, at least for me. The new 6 fits like the old 4, except it seems quite tight in the band. I don't know if this is something that will give a little in time, but regardless it is wearable. Does anyone know if any of the other bras have this resizing issue? Also wearing wunder unders and black baroque CRB. This seems to be my uniform lately.

I also got the new shopper tote, which I like, except for the "go have sex part." With all the teenage girls wearing Lululemon headbands, I think this is a little inappropriate. Sorry, I am feeling like an old, prudish mother. But I guess I am! 

I didn't make it to blast this morning, so I did a half hour on the elliptical (boring) and then some weights. I need to get back to weights three days a week, and the tabata I do on Thursdays is sort of weights. On Thursday, we did these awful squats, "ass to the grass" where your butt goes way below 90 degrees and I am still sore from them. It has been a week of being sore! I love it. Except when I am going up steps. Or when I have to go wash my hair and my arms are jelly. Now it is time to plop down on the sofa. Is it Walking Dead time? I need my zombie fix. I can't believe there is one episode after tonight. Big fat tears!

The next sneaker to try is....?

Drumroll please....The New Balance Foam 980.

As you know, I have major sneaker drama- bunion surgery 10 years ago, orthotics, fat, wide feet, the list goes on. As a result, I am super obsessed with finding the right sneaker for my foot. Often my feet hurt during step or if I am doing a lot of impact, like kick. I used to have a pair of Reebok sneakers many years ago that were perfect and I bought about three pairs. And then they were discontinued. With the shift to lightweight sneakers, I have struggled to find my new pair. Asics seem to be the next best thing, and that is what I am wearing now. I really need lots of cushioning on the bottom and mesh for the top. That's is why this Foam 980 might be perfect!

Now I haven't tried these yet. I have only found them online and I just hesitate to try another pair. They always feel good at home and then after a few weeks, they feel just ok.  But, according to the description, they sound perfect for me. I don't exactly love the colors, but I can deal with that.
All the reviews sound fabulous, but has anyone out there tried them? Comments? I'll probably break down and order them at some point, I guess, but my Asics have a little life in them still. Please let me know!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thank you Lululemon!

I received a $25 card this morning. What a costly blunder, yeah? But I think it is being handled well, so at least there is that. They could use some positive press for a change.

I'm loving Calvin Harris "Summer." It is playing on my computer as I type. What a difference a song can make when you are exercising and I think this one will be perfect. I didn't know he was such a cutie, too. I guess we are going to hear this song all summer.

We take bets in my house as to when the last drop of snow will melt (all shade). Right now I am voting for summer! See the segue? Of course, we might get a big storm Wednesday, so we are waiting for after that to make our bets. Right now, I think mid-April. Yup, that is how we get our kicks at my house.

So when I went to the dermatologist for my annual skin check, they actually found a few acne keratosis (pre cancer) spots on my face. I am so glad I went! One I knew about and the other was a surprise. I guess 20 years of baking in the sun, all summer (Jersey shore, baby) have caught up to me. I am very good about wearing sunscreen when I am outside, but not so good when it is just my day to day activities. I don't think my Armani Luminous silk foundation (still love!) has any SPF in it, and I don't think my primer does (Christian Dior), so I guess I need to find a moisturizer that does and apply it regularly. The days of getting out of my bathroom quickly are long over. Let that be a lesson-- go make a skin appointment. It is fast and easy (except for being in a hospital gown so she can see everything), and can save your life!

And on that note, I'm off to figure out what is for dinner tonight. Argh. We had a roast chicken last night, and just might use the leftover chicken for nachos or caesar salad. Yummy and easy peasy.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Lululemon Energy bra sizing issues?

I had read somewhere about this and now I totally believe it. I have often complained about an energy bra that I bought in size 4 and that I could barely fit into it. I have been wearing a 4 since they released the energy bras and I have it way too many colors. I thought that I gained a lot of weight. Which I did, but I guess it wasn't that.

I was in Lululemon today and was so excited to see ANTIDOTE energy bras. I love a little color popping out since most of my tops are, as you know, black. My daughter convinced me to try it and I am so glad I did, because I couldn't even get it on. So I came home with a 6, and here are my pictures comparing everything. The faded zap is a 4, the black and white is the new 4, and the antidote is a 6.

 Okay, this is thee difference between the new 4 and I guess the new 6.

This is the difference between the old 4 and the new 6.

This is the difference between the old 4 and the new 4.

So I don't get it. How do you just resize something like that and why? I will try on the 6 tomorrow and hope it isn't too big. If so, I am done with energy bras and that would be sad. I'll let you know.

I also tried on the green camo forme and while I loved it, I felt a little too army in it. Plus, I'm still waiting for more forthright 1/2 zip. I might be waiting a long time!

That's it. My daughter got a prom dress that isn't revealing. Some of those dresses are unbelievable- all cut out and no back. Yikes. Am I sounding like an old lady now?

By the way, Blacklist? Really good. I've been waiting for that part of the story. That's the only part I really care about. The rest is just background to me. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

DOMS, DOMS, DOMS, DOMS, DOMS (to star wars soundtrack)

Okay, I still have delayed onset muscle soreness. I know the Star Wars melody really goes better with just DOM, but hey it is the first day of spring and I think I am slap happy and not making much sense. It is a balmy 44 out, and I walked from the gym to my car with just my Lululemon Forme on and it was glorious!! This is when everyone gets sick because they think it is now warm out all the time.

My quads are still pretty sore, but I made myself go to tabata this morning and I am so glad I did! Well, it was awful, but good awful. And I know you all know what I mean.

Did you get an email from Lululemon explaining that there was a glitch and that orders placed are being delayed? Are you kidding me? Another snafu. I guess that is why the stock is still below 50. Holy moly get it together!

Here is the Cadet blue CRB and it looks a lot brighter in these pictures than it does in person. I do love it and I think it may be a keeper. I also wore my energy bra and groove crops, of course.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Where is the love? I mean, where is the Lululemon forthright 1/2 zip?

 I am waiting!

It has 26 reviews and is a five star item. How can Lululemon not be making more of these? How is it cost effective to only make a few of a certain run? I understand the special editions and capsule runs, but this seems like a no brainer.

Anyway, the only thing I bought on Tuesday's upload was the black camo CRB. I know I said no more CRBs, but I couldn't help myself. I was really hoping for a black camo Forme, but go figure. I finally got my cadet blue CRB and I was hoping to wear it today, but I slept through the step/blast class I was thinking of taking ...but I can barely walk. Yesterday's small group training was very heavy weights with lower reps. That was all fine and dandy at the time, but my quads are so, so, sore today.

Plus, I have a dermatology appointment for my annual skin check. I am surprised that skin checks are not covered like an OB appointment. But, this shouldn't surprise me at all. I think of all the sunburns I have had and the times that I spent out in baby oil baking in the sun. Who knew? Now we do. But really, it takes no time for the appointment and how can you check your back? Your scalp? Do you really know what to look for. So, at the risk of sounding like a nag, go get your skin checked!

I watched last week's Justified and how can I possibly be feeling sorry for Boyd? I read a funny thing online that the crazier Boyd's hair gets, the crazier he gets. Or vice versa. I also really liked the banter between Raylan and Eric Robert's character. To end it with Art and Raylan going at it was perfect. I have so much to catch up on. But first, oatmeal, hemp seeds and blackberries. Yummy breakfast.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Lululemon to work

Favorite thing to wear to work? Lululemon studio pants and a gap vee neck tee shirt. I look like I am ready for summer, but the rooms that I teach in are hot and cold, so I also wear a lululemon hoodie. I'm so comfortable and it is almost like being in pajamas. I don't even mind that these pants are extremely long, I just tie them and tuck them. I love the pockets and I love the fabric. BTW, my waistband rolls and it drives me nutso, but I don't care.

I didn't get a whole lot of exercising last week. In fact, there was almost none, which is unusual for me. The good thing, though, is I also didn't do a lot of eating. I don't know, I just wasn't hungry and that IS unusual. But, that was last week and this is a new week, so today I went to spin and it was very, very hard. I was wiped before I even got there because my phone rang this morning way too early.  I was unconscious so after my heart started beating again, I was up for the day. I think I made a lot of sense on the phone, since I am going to sub today for a few hours. First, I must recover from spin. It was a fast ride, which is so hard for me to hold. 100 RPMs is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I much rather sit my butt down and pedal at a high gear. Oh well. It's all good.

I can't believe there are two episodes of Walking Dead left. Psycho Lizzie! I think I was a little stressed after watching that episode and I could not settle down to go to sleep. Anyway, off to make banana bread protein pancakes. I am still using that damn immersion blender, but it gets unplugged before I do anything. My finger is still healing and half the nail is gone. It is pretty gross! And on that happy note...

Have a fun afternoon. 

Had Enough Winter?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Free sample of Secret Clinical

No hassle sample for all of us lovely ladies who "glisten.:


Can never have too much deodorant. Or is that jewelry?

And one more thing, Lululemon!!

Where is the forthright 1/2 zip??? I noticed someone at my gym wearing it and we both were saying how we would buy it up in every color and it was so comfortable and the elastic waistband was wonderful. And on and on and on.

By the way, does this remind you of your closet? It certainly looks a lot like mine.

Here I am in my Lululemon brisk bloom scoop neck tank and groove crops. And a Bangbuster to catch the sweat. That was a nice image, wasn't it? 

Let me just go on record as saying that I hate the Bachelor and everything it stands for. My teenage daughter started watching it because all of her friends do, so I decided to watch it also so I can impart my two cents. Let me say, it is up to about twenty zillion dollars right now. This guy Juan Pablo is so awful I can't stand it. This whole situation is awful and I am sure a lot of these women are lovely, but they are lovely twits. This whole thing gets me going, as you can tell. This almost makes Dance Moms tame by comparison. Give me zombies, the Yellow King, or crystal meth any day. Although, when I say all that it sounds like DSS should come knocking on my door. Better go make dinner before I have a stroke thinking about this show.

No camo? Are you kidding me?

Lululemon? Hello? I'm waiting!

After selling out online what looks like all of the camouflage print, there is nothing with camo uploaded last night? Are they done with the run or waiting to increase the hype so that the website can crash again? I don't understand that if something is that popular, why they don't make/sell more? The printed towel does NOT count. The stock could certainly use the increase, that is for sure. I am so disappointed that it was not uploaded last night. Did any of that rant make sense? Was that even English I was typing? This time change is killing me!

I did actually buy two things, though. My first since December, I think. I hope they will be keepers!

I ordered the scoop neck luon in parallel stripe. It is a little weird that the back is just black, but that is okay, I think the print would have been too busy if it all was stripe. As I have said many times, this is one of my favorite tanks. I have no idea when this was released. I just noticed it- oops.

The other was the wee are from space cadet blue CRB. I know I said I wasn't going to do this, but I really need to see what it looks like on because the print is just gorgeous.

A couple of other thoughts: I tried the transformation wrap on when it came out before (or a version of it, at least) and it was too much for me (only 5 foot 1). I was also seriously tempted by the wunder under crop roll down in heathered black, but I have never worn cotton before to workout. Lastly, I am loving the striped dot print for spring and am excited to see it in some tops. That was it, folks. 

Anyway, time to get moving for my small group training. More later!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Scented man? Nope, scented woman!

Okay, if you watched the season finale of True Detective last night (and if you haven't watched this on HBO, what are you waiting for? ) there is a scene when Mathew Mcconaughey's character Rust waxes philosophical about the sentient man. Woody Harrelson's character, Marty, is like, "scented man? WTF." Sorry, that was all I could think about when I was taking blast this morning. As I sweat through the class and I sweat through my clothes, I was not smelling pretty. Get it? Haha! Anyway, it is a great show and both actors should definitely get Emmy nominations. Mathew had ME in tears at the end.

I did suffer through blast. The clock during my class was stuck at 10, although I didn't know that. I kept thinking that I would not be able to finish the class if there were 15 more minutes left. Phew. I am looking forward to some new tracks because I am sick, sick, sick of fast feet. And, also let me say that this time change is just awful. These poor high school kids who actually got up at 530 today must just be sound asleep in class right now. Either that, or Dunkin donuts is mobbed.

Today I wore my Lululemon groove crops, energy bra and CRB. I am looking forward to some black camo in tonight's upload, but I know that there won't be anything left by the time I wake up.

 I had a very lazy weekend and really wasn't feeling any oomph. I did realize that I am not hungry when I don't exercise. Lots of oatmeal, salad, fruit and coffee. But, it is a new week and I have a teenage daughter who must be fed. Ugh. Tonight's dinner is coconut chicken with an apricot/mustard dipping sauce with roasted broccoli. Yum! I think the rest of the week will be southwestern egg rolls, sweet and sour chicken and a leftovers meal, since I am going to sub one day and know I won't be able to cook that night.  It is all in the planning baby! Must go shower. I can't stand to smell myself anymore! Have a great morning!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Still frustrated! How are you?

Okay, this frustration isn't going away, but what can I do? Keep on doing what I'm doing, I guess. I know you all know exactly what I am talking about. At this point, it isn't slow and steady wins the race, it is slow and steady stays the same. Most days I am very positive and motivated, but lately, I don't know what is going on!

I went to Group Power this morning.  Do you ever listen to the radio and a song comes on and you  go, "oh, this is biceps, I hate this song." Things are bad when you can sort of visualize what exercise you are supposed to be doing. Anyway, there were some oldies but goodies, including the crouch. Which I love.  Lunges are great, but they pull on my knee and my hip flexor is so tight, that it is not a lot of fun. I know, it is never really fun, but....I was very happy when I was done. I wasn't very motivated when I got there, but once I started, it was "with intent." I like that mantra. Part of the workout for Group Power is getting all the equipment and then putting it away. I know this sounds whiny (that's my mood today), but a step, risers, mat, bar with weights, hand weights, extra weights, and a big plate. With that in mind, here is today's funny:

I almost went to the mall today, but instead spent about an hour in CVS waiting for a prescription that ultimately couldn't be filled. I joked that I need blood pressure medicine now after that fiasco. The mall is tomorrow's plan. I just want to see spring clothes in the stores! Today at 38 felt warm and there were tons of joggers out.  That is how mental we all are now! I know that just because the calendar says that spring is around the corner, we still have winter for a while. Damn that groundhog!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Battle of the bulge.

I'm not talking about WW2 either!

I spent yesterday trying hard not to throw up. I woke up today NOT hungry. Me- not hungry! That is so funny.  So I know I am not at one hundred percent. In fact, I just broke a sweat vacuuming my floors. Regardless, I had my oatmeal, hemp seeds and blueberry breakfast and I am going to keep it down and I am going to tabata. And I am not going to throw up there (burpees I am talking to you).

I took some pictures of me in my Tame me Tank and I can't even post them here. They were deleted right off my phone. I am so frustrated with these bulges! I hate to say it is true that when you get older, you carry your weight differently, but wow. To make it worse, as you get older, it gets harder to lose weight as your metabolism goes down.  It is like a one-two punch. The answer of course is to eat less/cleaner and exercise more, but I don't think that at this point in my life, I can eat less/ cleaner and exercise more.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I love a good stomach bug!

Today I am so queasy that I have no appetite. This is by far the easiest way to eat clean. I know, I know, when my appetite comes back I will be ravenous, but until then, I am feeling skinny! I don't know what happened. I was up a lot last night with a funny stomach, actually took a nap at about noon, and then sat on the sofa watching Justified and Blacklist (getting really good!!) trying not to throw up. I hope it passes before I have to make dinner!

Anyway, yesterday I wore my Lululemon no limits tank from two December's ago and groove pants. All black, of course. We did a killer bunch of exercises with a heavy kettlebell, doing sumo squats and then jumping forward and back. Oh, do I feel it today! So, the following picture is completely appropriate!

I have a silly confession to make. Not really silly, but more in the lines of, why didn't I think of that before? All winter I have horribly chapped lips. Every winter. Some of it is from speaking all day at work. Some of it is from being at the gym and huffing and puffing through my mouth (spin). And some of it is from the heat in the car blasting at my face. You know what has almost cured me? Aquaphor! I can't believe this. I think I used it when my kids were tiny and just forgot about it. It beats chapstick and vaseline and every other brand of lip gloss out there. I literally have some sort of gloss in every pocket of every coat, in the car, in every bag and in every room in my house. Sorry, it even beats Sugar and Burts Bees. This is not a sponsored post by any means. I spent a whole $6 or so all by myself. Best spent $6. It has really made a difference! And that is my helpful hint of the day!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Where did all the flowers, I mean, camo go?

Remember that song? Am I dating myself?

Here is my thoughts on the latest Lululemon upload 3/4.

My budget is shot for the month- between my daughter's Madewell shopping spree and my home heating oil bill, I have an enormous credit card bill and it doesn't close for another 23 days. Yes, I am counting. So I am trying to be good. Plus, I feel so icky in the Luluemon clothes that I have, I am being very selective in my purchases. I think that will stop me from hitting enter and I am going to try to NOT go to a store. I know what happens when I do!

What I love and what I would buy if I could:

Camo.  I especially love the black on black print. I think the army fatigue is a little too much for me and it is everywhere right now  (J.crew has great looking sweatshirts)! Plus, I have this weird thing about not respecting the actual men and women who do wear camouflage. But, it is 7:30 am EST and it looks like the Forme Jacket II camo jacket is gone and only the larger sizes of the CRB are left. I don't think that is a surprise though. I hesitate to buy an energy bra since the last one I bought runs so small, I can't even wear it. So no camo for me.

Forthright 1/2 zip. OH right, that wasn't uploaded.

Wee are from space cadet blue. Really, really gorgeous. I don't need a jacket, but I would take a CRB or Power Y in this. Also saw hints that a scoop neck might be on the way.

Daily practice long sleeve in black. I used to have a white burnout manifesto tee and I never wore it. It was so, so tight, in the torso and arms, that I think I sold it on ebay. I can't remember, though, if it was the daily practice tee or just a plain something or other tee. The cut is slim, so that is a problem.  The black might be okay, though.

That's it!
This morning I am off to my small group training. Even though I did a lot of lifting when I was on vacation, it has been a few weeks now and I know this is going to be painful. But in a good way! Have a super morning.

Let me know if you scored a camo jacket!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Today's funny!

This was me all afternoon! I don't feel so much like I am dying during exercise, it is after that often gets me! That is okay, because I watched last night's Walking Dead (oh Daryl!) and last week's Blacklist (don't quite care about the mysteries/terrorists each week, but I do want to know about that husband and James Spader is just amazing) and finally got my second wind. About five minutes ago. In time to make dinner - easy pesto baked chicken with mozzarella on top- something from Pinterest, of course.

So, can we look forward to the Lululemon website crashing tonight and all of the camouflage items selling out before I wake up? I've got my fingers crossed. We will catch up in the morning!

Remember that vow I made to eat clean

for one week? It starts later today.

We ended up bringing back Cheesecake Factory last night for dinner and the portions are so crazy, it was enough for dinner last night and lunch today. We are so predictable that we always get the same thing: Factory Burrito Grande. Sometimes we split the Factory chopped salad, but I am on a kale salad kick, so I skipped that. Last night I ordered the Adam's Ripple cheesecake and my daughter got the new Smores cheesecake. Both are beyond incredible! Do you think they put a lot of sugar in the whipped cream because I could just eat the whipped cream. What do you normally order when you eat there?

This made me laugh!              

I don't know what happened to the other pictures, but I much rather look at that them than this side view. As Jimmy Fallon would say, "EW." My Lululemon brisk bloom scoop neck is one of my favorite things to wear to spin- easy off! There were tons of random noises keeping me awake last night. You know how sometimes your house is loud? This is going to be an ugly hour! Quick, get that mantra going!

I am sure I will come home and crash on the sofa for a bit so I can watch last night's Walking Dead. Can't wait! 

By the way, Pharrell's grammy hat (you know the one everyone was talking about) was listed on Ebay by Pharrell and it sold for $44,100. The money all went to charity. The winner? Arby's, who tweeted,   "We're HAPPY to support a great cause and get our hat back." Ha ha! More later! More on Kim Novak!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dress your age...or not?

As I mentioned earlier, I spent a week in lovely Boca Raton and it goes without saying, at Town Center. For those of you not "in the know," Town Center is THE mall. Yes, it is a fancy mall (Saks, Bloomies, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Cartier, LV, etc), so of course it has a fancy name and it is where a lot of the beautiful people are.  Two things I noticed:

1). Instead of babies in strollers, there were dogs. (This picture was at Home Depot, because I was too embarrassed to take a picture in the mall.) One lady even had two dogs. My brother says this is not unusual.

2). Besides the fact that everyone has a Louis Vuitton bag (which makes me want to get rid of mine immediately), all of the women looked great. Is it the sunshine that makes you "happy" (Oh no, don't start singing) and healthy? But, many older women were dressed so inappropriately. Good lord. I couldn't get over it. My brother also says that this is not at all unusual.

So my question to you is: what do you think about boyfriend jeans for someone who is 47? I bought these rag and bone jeans and they are so comfortable. I will end up wearing them with nude shoes or flip flops and my basic white, black or gray tee. Really boring. Yay or nay? I'm afraid to ask my daughter because she might say yes and I really love them. Post a comment! 

Lululemon yoga over skirt

Is that what the name of the new long skirt is? I am having a very senior moment, especially while I type with my bum finger. But, a bum finger does not stop one from shopping, does it? I used the long car ride and the heat on my seat to perk myself up and recover from group kick. A cup of coffee would have done the trick, too. Oh well. I took my daughter to Madewell (love) and bought her a ton of clothes. Which I want! Then I stopped into Lululemon, just because.

I tried on the black yoga over skirt because the overly peppy "educator" told me all about the ways to wear it. Except none of it looked good on me. I actually thought it actually looked a little Elvira like. I guess I like my skirts a little more flowy and not like a wetsuit.

You know I love my reverse groove crops from a zillion years ago. They are in probably every other picture. They are thick and compressive like Spanx. The best! I tried on the gather and grow, just because... and now they are made with full luon so I had my fingers crossed....

Beyond awful. The crotch was weird and my butt looked more enormous than usual. I guess I have to treat my groove crops with kid gloves, since it doesn't look like they are coming back anytime soon. Bummer! I've got my fingers crossed for more forthright 1/2 zip! Pretty please!

Oh, and the beachscape CRB seemed really thin. I would have liked to try it on (busy pattern= camouflage for middd?), but they didn't have my size. 

I did see Sarah Jessica Parker's new shoe collection at Nordstrom. They looked like Manolo's to me. They were displayed so perfectly. I wish I could have taken a picture. OH well. Next time!

Immersion blender PSA

I worked with a girl who almost lost the tip of her finger with an immersion blender. Lately I have been using mine to make banana bread protein pancakes. Every time I use it I say to myself remember about Emily.  Last night I decided to try to make some sort of larabar with medjool dates. You  know the recipes that are all over Pinterest. I still have no idea how it happened, but here I am typing with 9 fingers. Oh, that came out kindof wrong. I still have 10 fingers, but one is bandaged very heavily! It probably needs glue or a stitch. I can't believe I was so stupid. Lesson to all, if you are going to try to get some food out of the bottom, UNPLUG it first.

The instructor who teaches kick on Sunday mornings is relocating and my gym can't find another to replace her now. Boo Hoo. What a great workout and I will miss it and her. Today's outfit is Lululemon wunder unders and a CRB.

I know weight loss is all about the eating. I much rather go exercise! I vow now that I will not say, "Did I eat that?" all week. One week. Easy peasy. Ha. Although I already eat pretty well, and there isn't that much to change. So, I think my weight loss journey is just slow and slow and slower. Which is frustrating and frustrating and frustrating. Anyway, excited for Walking Dead tonight. My son stayed in NOLA for Mardi Gras and Daryl Dixon, aka Norman Reedus, is one of the parade leaders. I love it!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lululemon Forthright 1/2 zip

This is after tabata. And after sitting on my sofa for a good half hour to recover in order to take a shower. I'm blaming in on going on vacation and skipping my usual workouts. Yikes! It is not like I skipped 10 days of working out either-- I exercised a lot! Anyway, here is my new favorite top! 

And, my "uniform" is the faded zap energy bra, ruffled CRB and groove crops.

I'm having my afternoon latte and reading the latest John Wells novel (so far, just eh) and my almost 17 year old is watching Happy Feet 2. We are both under covers and being a little lazy right now. Her excuse is jet lag. I guess I don't have on. 

Oh, made the kale salad again and I still like it! I like it, I really like it! Have a great afternoon!