Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snow day Number 1

Here in the Boston area, we are starting off 2014 with snow and more snow. I was up most of the night waiting to hear the school cancelations and then slept through the tabata class I was hoping to get to. Of course, I could be in my basement doing my own tabata, but instead, I am on the sofa with both my children and both my cats watching Blacklist. I like this kind of day!

I made a chicken tortilla soup for lunch. There are so many versions of this recipe around Pinterest, but the one I do is a variation from  I also serve it with cheesy corn cakes, which are so delicious, that I could eat all of them right now, but I would have to fight my kids for them. They are supposed to be served with avocado, but this is so good, I never bothered with the next step. If you want the recipe, leave me a comment, and I'll be happy to share! It is the perfect lunch for a winter day.

For a snack today, I made an easy apple oat thingie that is good for you and scrumptious. I ate it too quickly to take a picture (plus, judging from the picture aboveI am obviously not a food photographer). I'm sorry, I don't know where I got the recipe, or I would give credit. Into a bowl, add 1 cut up apple (little pieces),  1/4 rolled oats, 1-2 t cinnamon and 1 t maple syrup. Microwave for three minutes. Add a vanilla greek yogurt and 1 T sliced almonds. That's it!