Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's so cold...

How cold is it?
My Lululemon clothes are never going to air dry. They are all clean though!

I'm sorry, some of these cards are so funny!

Tomorrow my kick class is canceled so I am going to run on the treadmill. Woo hoo. I can't wait.That is sarcasm. I love finding treadmill workouts on Pinterest, but since I run so slow, I don't tend to ever do them. I guess I could modify. This sounds like a fun one, but at  9.0 , I can see myself flying off the treadmill. Even though it is just one minute at that speed.
I also found this on Pinterest, from and this might be more my speed. Ha ha. 

Do you have any workouts that you like? Sunday morning at my gym and the TVs will all be on news or sports. Lovely!