Friday, January 24, 2014

Today I must listen to my mind.

I don't know what happened to me yesterday. I think it was a combination of hormones, the cold, working out too much, and fighting off a bug. I am so glad I stayed home and took it easy. I watched wayyyyyy too much HGTV. By the way, when I was little and had sick days, I used to watch Gilligan's Island, Fantasy Island and Bewitched. Those were the days!

But that was yesterday! It would be too easy to use those reasons again today, so today I must listen to my mind, which is saying: Go lift heavy weights and be happy about it, dammit! Plus, we need more food in the house! So what if it is 0 out again. You have a great Burberry coat and Ugg boots! And the best thing my mind is saying is that I will feel so much better after. All true.

So, I am off to the gym. I am wearing Lululemon Groove pants, and my brisk bloom scoop neck tank.  I know, these look like every other photo- the black patterns just don't stand out. My point exactly!

What the hell is going on with Lululemon stock? It is rated underperform now? I am not too interested in these pastel colors, but if more darker patterns were to suddenly appear, I would be all over them. Someday maybe, I can wear those lighter colors, but not today. Where is the inventory? What happened to dark zinfandel? I would be all over that.

Have a great morning!