Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lululemon Upload 1/21- More ugly shoes!

A little late in coming, but here are my thoughts on the latest upload from Lululemon. I am going to skip over all the lab stuff for the time being. 

If I were thinner, then I would be all over the zing pink CRB. It looks like a gorgeous color. 

I hope the wee stripe white heathered medium grey looks better in person. Is it supposed to be silver? It looks like it went through the wash with dark colors, by mistake. I think I must see this in a store.

Every yogi tee is back! I missed out on this when it was released before. I hope that the arms aren't too tight (a frequent Lululemon complaint of mine). I don't know if it is a size down shirt. I guess that means a store trip....

I like the idea of the patience pants. I have a thing for zippers at the ankles, but being short, it often doesn't work for me. I checked the inseam and it might be okay, but I will wait to try it on in a store. I also don't know about the fabric panels. Check out the shoes! What did I tell you! 

Why is this no limits tank so long? 

I'm the first person to say no to tight, form fitted jackets but what is the yin to my yang all about? I'm not sure who can look good in this. Definitely not me. 

If this silver-y color and mint and lavender are the new palette, then I think my wallet is safe. What about you? Did I miss anything exciting?