Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow day/cold day Number 2

The snow is almost finished, and we only got about 8 inches, as opposed to other parts of the area that got up to 2 feet, so this was only a mildly expensive snowstorm. I am getting plowed out now, but I am not going anywhere, that is for sure. The temperature is ridiculously cold and I can feel it through the walls! Was it just last week that I was in sunny Florida?

While I was in Florida, I picked up this nail polish duo called CND Vinylux that I was told was selling like hotcakes (BTW, what does that mean?).  I looked online and some reviewers say that is junk and other reviewers say that it is not junk. It is supposed to be like a gel manicure without the harsh lights and it is supposed to stay on for 7 days. Yup, 7 days. I said to my mom that I would be happy with 2. She was ambitious and said three. I spend way to much time thinking about my nails. Since I have sucker stamped across my forehead, I of course bought it.

We both put it on according to the directions at lunch, and by that night, we both had small chips at the end. That was a good $16 laugh. Three days later, each nail had major chips and I was embarrassed to show my hands. But, once I got home, I tried it again, and guess what, it has been AMAZING. I'm not sure what the difference is, as I am probably doing more here than there. I had two chips, but that was because I smashed my fingers and broke two nails. The first set of pictures is from Tuesday afternoon and the second is from this morning. So, according to my math, that is 2 1/2 days. 

Hmm, it looks like I have only four fingers on one of my hands. I can see very tiny chips along the edge of my left pointer finger, but my other nails still look intact. WOW! But, since I really don't know why this latest attempt worked so well, I'll have to try it again, to get a best out of three kindof thing. I will give you more updates!

We are all caught up on Blacklist! I want more! What can we binge watch next, since the sofas are the warmest place in the house? Any ideas?

Still in pjs. By the way, I have the best pajamas. Really. They are made by Bedhead and are currently on and So when I say I am still in my pajamas, they are NICE pajamas that I could answer the door in or even drive around town in. That is not me. By any means.