Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lululemon: decisions, decisions. Half price cheesecake! That's a no brainer.

I made it to the Lululemon store today and there was really nothing from today's upload in the store. I am so bummed because there were a few things I really wanted to see in person. But, on a positive note, I am over the Go With The Flow bag, because although I love it, I realized that if you put it down, it is going to fall over. There isn't really a solid base and while that may seem like a flimsy excuse, there is now the Happy Hour Hatha Bag to obsess over. In fact, it is in my cart right now.Yeah, there is a big price difference, but it looks different from other bags and a little more sturdy. Plus, I just love split pea.

 I also wanted to try on the Energy tank because I love the energy bra so much, but it wasn't on shelves yet either. I have gone a little crazy shopping lately, between the Fast Track tank and the Ta Ta topper. I just don't know what to do.  I was disappointed that there were no more Track attack shorts, either. I hope they release some more before all the fall stuff comes out and then we will probably never see these shorts again because Lululemon will "tweak" them.

The reason I got to the mall was because Cheesecake Factory was having half price cheesecake. Woo hoo. There is a little something screwy about shopping for exercise clothes and then gorging on food like that. But, in my defense, it is both lunch and dinner. We were treating my daughter for her first decent meal after being abroad for 5 weeks. What better place to pig out but at the Cheesecake Factory.

So I haven't exercised since Saturday tabata because there is something funky with my left leg. I somehow pulled a muscle and walking is a challenge after a while. So at the gym, we only did upper body because the other woman had a running injury. After an hour of core and arms, I cannot lift my arms. I hope to maybe  do spinning this week, since it looks like all other forms of impact are a no no. The old me, actually the younger me, would work through this pain, but as I get older and injuries take that much longer to heal, I am really trying to let it heal. But, boy is it frustrating!!!

Mod moves crop and fast track tank in black. 

New s'mores cheesecake. Words can't describe it!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lululemon Run Ta Ta Topper and Mod moves at Tabata

I still like the Ta Ta Topper a lot, but at times the fabric is billowy and maternity looking and at other times it looks just like a shirt. By wearing this am I admitting that I need a loose, flowy top, or is it better to be a little bulgey in a tight top. Does that make any sense? Yes, I spend way too much time with this concept and I think that is why I have so many Lululemon tops. I am looking for that perfect in between- until the middle is gone! Not too tight, like a CRB, and not too loose. I sound like Goldilocks. The middle is getting better, but I need it Gone, Girl. BTW, if you haven't read that book be gone with you until you get it. Mod moves held up perfectly for tabata and I never gave them a second thought. Everything stayed exactly where it should. Waistband didn't roll and the legs, once I got them evenly placed, stayed put. 

Still obsessing about that bag. Help! 

I slept about 5 minutes last night and this time, it wasn't the puppy's fault. The cats were chasing each other all over me. But, I said I was going to go no matter what and I did and then crashed. Truth of the matter, once I started moving, I was okay. Yup, you heard it here. It was only 45 minutes, and I kept saying I can power through it and I don't want to be half-assed and waste my time. I felt great when it was over- both physically (alright, I was really pooped) and mentally because I would have felt very guilty if I skipped it. Although it is time for some coffee now! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Lululemon Go with the Flow Bag

Can anyone give me a good reason to buy this bag? I have been lusting after it and saw it in the store and love it. BUT, and there is always a but, I have a Lululemon bag that I do love and is in perfect condition. My bag is a little smaller than the sand to savasana duffel and is old enough to have zillions of pockets and cute sayings inside. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with it, except that I have been carrying it for probably 7 years? Yup, that was back when Lululemon made fun, quality items that lasted forever. Help!


I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust.

 I love that Imagine Dragons Radioactive song and that is definitely how I felt at Power today. I was sluggish, but it's amazing how a few thousand squats will get you going.

The puppy slept until 4 and then we were up for good at 630. Woo hoo, I got 5 1/2 hours consecutive sleep. They have done studies on what sleep deprivation does to normal people, right? It's been too long since I have had little babies that didn't sleep through the night. I think there is a reason why your body isn't designed to have children at a later age- it is much harder physically!

My new mantra, at least until this not sleeping stage is done, is while I'm at the gym I am going to push it, push it real hard, knowing I can go back to sleep later. It's not easy, but I don't want to waste my time there. I'm certainly not at 100%, but I'd settle for 70%.

Since there is no impact in Power and the girls don't need extra support, I wore my Lululemon black no limits tank and grey wunder unders. They DEFINITELY show the sweat and have pilled a little at the inner thigh. I am the only one who is going to notice the pilling, so that is no biggie. The fit is still weird, even though I have lost some weight. I think the waistband rolls a bit and yet I want to tug it up. Anyway, I feel very self-conscious in the gray, but I hope they are dark enough to be flattering. In these pictures they certainly look quite dark.

I'm really enjoying my afternoon snack of honey or vanilla greek yogurt, a handful of blueberries and a graham cracker crushed up. I feel like I'm at the Cheesecake Factory. Oh, they have half price cheesecake on Tuesday, and my daughter is coming home for a few days. I guess you know where we will be!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Everybody hurts... That's me today!

Isn't that the R.E.M song? Unfortunately, that kept running through my head during Kick today. I got through it, but I was definitely wiped. I felt a little twinge in my knee and my wrists were a bit sore from the other day, so I skipped pushups knowing that I'm going to do power tomorrow and there are those funky pushups with the arm out. I did get to come home and take a nap, though.

When does this puppy sleep through the night? Oh my, oh my. Good thing she is cute. I wore an outfit I have worn many, many times. CRB, energy bra, groove crops. Tomorrow I am going to wear something different, dammit!

After my catnap, I went to the Lululemon store to return my wrong size Track attack shorts. Good thing I ordered the replacement online, because there were none in the store.  NONE! Doesn't that mean they were popular and they should restock them? They did have a few black ones, but not in my size. I'm hoping for more in the next upload, or I'm going to have to buy orange, and I don't really want to do that. I did walk out with polka dot fast track tank. I think the vertical black stripes are very slimming and I'm not too old to wear polka dots, am I? I saw some fall colors in the scuba but I have one scuba and will never wear another. Too tight, too short, too small in the arms and that is after sizing up. Who wears these anyway?

I'm having one of those days where I can't get full. Either it is a tape worm or I'm going to get my period soon. What do you do when you have a day like this? Do you find anything that really fills you up and satisfies you? I must know, before I eat my arm off.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

OMG look at that messy bathroom! That way you don't see the back fat!

I see some backfat. ugh. I really am going to blame it on the bra. I think if I had on the Lululemon energy bra, it wouldn't be so bad. I think it is something about this bra being a certain width. Anyway, that is my story and I am sticking with it. I also see mosquito bites. I am one big bite. The mosquitoes here have been absolutely awful and they love me, especially since I am out a zillion times a day with the puppy.

Today I wore the new soot cool racerback and old groove crop pants. Lululemon's upload last night did nothing for me, which is very good because I spent a lot the last week. I'm waiting for a delivery as we speak. Although I ordered it so long ago, I'm not sure what it is. Just kidding, but like I have said before, I could walk to a local store and get this stuff before it comes in the mail. Anyway, everything is up on counters because the puppy just realized that she can reach a lot more and is into everything. My house is a mess and it is kindof driving me nuts. It is a good thing she is cute.

Whittling away that middle is taking a long time, but I am trying to be patient. Keep it up, me!

Monday, July 22, 2013

This just made me laugh!

I found this on Pinterest, of course!

Sorry about the screen shot/awful picture. I used to skip drinking wine because of the calories, now I've reached the point where I don't even wash out my wine glass each night because it is getting used again the next day. 

At home workout and best lunch ever!

I didn't make it to the gym but certainly burned some calories (and sweat gallons) by scrubbing my front steps with bleach and soap to get rid of two year's worth of mildew. I have often read in magazines and online how certain household chores could be counted as physical activity, and wondered because I can't image how could weeding could get your heart rate up like tabata? But, this chore did, and it involved many trips to the rain barrel to fill up watering cans to wash away grime. And then I got a work out by stepping on towels and kindof using my legs to dry the water and wipe off the dirt. Not very exciting, but it needed to be done and I missed the morning classes anyway. I went to group power yesterday (and got a compliment on my black and white fast track tank- oops forgot to take a picture) and my hip flexor felt fine. I was nice and sore in my glutes this morning and I know I worked my biceps. I think the weight was a little to heavy, but I want nice biceps!! Today, my leg is acting up again, so it was a good morning to do chores. 

I didn't know what to have for lunch and then a lightbulb went off in my head: TUNA MELT. Is there anything better? My tuna melt is the adult version and it goes like this:  Take tuna (make sure cats don't freak out) and put in a food processor (I have a mini one) with just a tablespoon of mayo and grind away. This makes the tuna nice and creamy. I add some sandwich peppers, avocado, and shredded cheese. I put mine on a piece of Ezekial bread, and voila. And, I have enough to do it again tomorrow. Now, what to have for dinner? Hmmmm.

Clearly I need to work on my photography skills, and I probably need a sous chef as well. Definitely a dishwasher!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fast Track Tank and mod moves crop. Heat wave diet !

I do like this top and it worked pretty well at Tabata. There was just enough support and after a little while, I forgot all about it (I was just focusing on getting through the class). I saw another woman wearing it in the Spry Blue and it was very slimming. Assuming I can get the puppy to cooperate I am going to wear the other one I bought tomorrow to Power. I would love more colors! I just hesitate to wear white across my middle. Do you hear me, Lululemon? 

I came home, showered and then a major storm came through and lightening hit the power lines right outside my house. After 5 hours with no power (and no AC) I think I lost about 5 gallons of water just from sweating, about as much as a tabata class. Ha! And without the pain! This heat wave diet is really working because all I want to do is drink water and I have no appetite. I'm still waiting for the cooler weather, though, I guess 84 is better than 94. I have been drinking Dr. Oz's chai coconut smoothie for lunch, with my variations of course, and its keeping me pretty full. I don't know what dinner is going to be since I don't want to open my fridge until it gets colder in there. You know, that doesn't leave a lot of options, does it? Maybe some Kashi cereal, assuming the milk is still good.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Track attack shorts. Part 2

Today I actually ran in my red Lululemon track attack shorts, instead of wearing them around the house and on puppy walks. They were pretty comfortable and I only had to adjust them a little bit. I consider this an a plus and I really hope they come out in more colors. Before I know it, Lululemon will be coming out with fall clothes/colors, even though it is almost 100 here. I wore them with First Base tank, in, you guessed it, black and grey. I didn't wear the new Fast Track tanks that I got because while they fit very well, I don't think there is enough support for 3 miles. Although my three miles were so slow and full of so many breaks, it probably would have been ok. I'll try it tomorrow for tabata. I'm having some discomfort in my left hip flexor and I don't know what that is all about. Even though I'm stretching it out, I am still aware that it is tight. Running twice a week? Check. I'll have to see how I feel next week, my legs were pretty tired from kick yesterday. By the way, I really love the July release for group kick, but the music was pretty awful. The release was leg heavy, which is fine with me, but I guess I was feeling it a bit today. 

Anyway, meals today are all easy and do not involve an oven. Breakfast was typical oatmeal/chocolate peanut butter and a sprinkling of chia seeds. Lunch was pineapple, coconut and cottage cheese, and the coffee I never got around to drinking this morning, and dinner might be a huge omelet with vegetables that have to be used up. That leaves room for some yummy snacks. Must be the heat, but I'm not hungry. Is that a new diet? The heatwave diet? I hear it is very popular all along the east coast. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Track Attack shorts- my new love?

I don't think I will get to the gym today as my schedule got all thrown off by puppy and life, and there were no classes that I felt the need to push myself to get to- that's how I know I am tired...and sore from yesterday's workout. Just going up the steps today is a bit of a workout. I might go to Tabata tonight, but we shall see how the day progresses. This just might be my day off for the week. Tomorrow is either kick or run and Friday is Group power for sure. 

But, despite the fact that I might not exercise today, I am still wearing Lululemon. How (go ahead and pick your adjective) sad, crazy, obsessive, great is that? It does kindof remind me to be healthy. I am wearing my black clarity tank, which I think I have worn every day. Now if that came in red, I would be all over it. This tank is super soft and sweat absorbing (wow, I don't think I have mentioned in this post the heat at all!) Plus, I have on the new track attack shorts that I bought yesterday. See the Lululemon shopper in the back? That's because I walked out with the wrong size for the nimbus shorts. Oooh. I put them on and immediately said, I can either size down or I lost weight. Finding that a little hard to believe, I took the shorts off and noticed the wrong size. Darn. I was hoping to avoid another trip to the store. I might have to leave my wallet at home if I do. Anyway, I do like these shorts. They are a little baggy, especially when I look at the picture from the back, but more importantly, they don't rise up. That is really all I ask for in shorts. They are great for wearing around and if the weather ever gets cooler, I can imagine running in them as well. But for today, they are perfect for taking a nap!

My new Kona Kase came today and I'll be reviewing as I go along. I love the little notes that come in it. It was packed with food!

Going to catch up on some sleep while the puppy sleeps.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back in Black! Lululemon trip :)

I didn't know what to wear to the gym today, so I started off with a swiftly pink tank and mod moves crop and just wasn't feeling the love...so I put on my plain black cool racerback and kept on the mod moves crop. I knew I could only go so many days, well one, without wearing a black top to the gym. I think if my middle were little then it wouldn't be a problem, but until that time, I'll keep singing ACDC.

But then I went to Lululemon at my mall. First off, they changed the store around so you walk in and see headbands! If I see one more girl wearing a headband...well, my daughter does so forget that. I did buy that red CRB that I had been obsessing over, but I'm not going to take off the tags. I also came home with two Fast Track Tanks, which I found to be very flattering. I bought the all black, of course, and the nimbus stripe one as well. I tried on the Track and Train also and really liked that as well. I think the Fast Track was just a little bit more slimming, maybe it's the  vertical stripe below the bust? I don't know. I also thought that it did a good job with back fat. Ooh, I just hate typing that, let alone thinking that. And, I came home with two pairs of the Track Attack shorts. You know I have been searching for good shorts for a while and these are the closest I could come to what I was looking for. No pockets, but I guess you can't have everything. I'll post pictures as I go. So, a little retail therapy turned into a lot of retail therapy. But, I do seem to wear workout clothes more than any other clothes, so there is that rationalization.

I'll get a second workout in when I take the puppy to obedience school tonight. It is too hot for her to play outside and she has a lot of energy. Should be fun.

Monday, July 15, 2013

No black Lululemon clothes today!

Well, sortof. I wore the new soot CRB, with my black 50 rep bra and black groove crops. I really, really like this soot color and am glad I got it. This picture is when I got back from the gym where I ran 4 miles. Go me! Guess what, it wasn't complete torture. I ran very, very slowly, and only paused a few times, once to turn the fan up (I had it going so hard, it sounded like an airplane taking off, but boy did I need that) and once because I accidentally hit stop. I absolutely hate when that happens and I do it enough to know better. I think what kept me going during this run was math. Yuck, right. I knew when the treadmill shut down that I had run 1.65 miles, so I had to keep figuring out how far I was going and how far I had gone. I also covered up the display so I couldn't see just how slowly and how far I had gone. Just like that day when I ran outside and kept thinking about what to name the title of that day's post. My mind was elsewhere.

Unfortunately, now I am super tired and my hip flexors are very tight and the puppy needs a walk and it is 90 degrees outside and the humidity is staggering. And I don't know what I am making for dinner. And the house is dirty and there are so many other "ands" I can add. But, it is all okay because I ran 4 miles. Everything else will get figured out...although the house can stay dirty. In fact, my priorities are definitely messed up because I will finish True Blood before I even think about cleaning this house. So there. And Eric Northman better either be naked or snarky. I don't know how I feel about Warlow yet. TBD. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I wore something different!

I went back to bed this morning after taking the puppy out and really had to push myself to get out of that same bed. As I was lying there, realizing that the 815 Group Power class that I had planned to go to was half way over already, I got ready in about five seconds to make it to Group Kick instead. It would have been so easy to stay in bed, but I know that if I didn't go to kick, I would feel so guilty. Plus, it would be my only real physical activity all day, except for walking the puppy a million times. So off I went, in my Lululemon orange energy bra, black and white striped CRB, and wunder unders. I love this CRB, but feel a little like a referee  I think I prefer the one that is out now, but it is too similar to this one to justify. I like to think the stripes are so busy, it is camouflage to my middle. Anyway, I'm still thinking about that red one....

Got to the gym and the AC was broken, so I did kick in a room that was about 75 degrees and humid. But, I did it. I think I was so pissed off about the AC, that I did an extra kick or two. I go to the gym so I don't get too angry, and what happens at the gym? No staff to help out because it is Sunday morning. Made me...angry. I'll do some weights in the basement, I guess. Blah. Have a happy Sunday! Since I'm off for the summer, to me every day feels like Sunday!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Same old, same old Lululemon outfit. Am I in a rut?

I find myself wearing the same old, same old Lululemon clothes: groove crops, energy bra, and a black tank, usually a CRB. Tomorrow, I am going to wear something different, because its not as if I don't have a whole closet stocked with Lululemon. Of course, black is the most flattering and slimming, so I think that is why I gravitate to it and why I look the same in virtually all these pictures. Yup, tomorrow I am going to shake things up a bit.  I'd love to get that red CRB that was just uploaded, but it is so....red! I do have a lot of swiftly tanks and vee necks, which I love and they are all fun colors, but use them mostly for running. They are not forgiving at all. 

As far as snacks, same old, same old, as well. Although I think there is enough variety in my fridge that I don't feel as if I am eating the same thing every day. Except for oatmeal and chocolate peanut butter at night, of course. I am enjoying the graham cracker/greek yogurt combination. Eating the same thing does make food shopping and planning pretty easy though! When I have time, I like to go through Pinterest and find new recipes and snack ideas. What did we do before Pinterest? I can't even imagine.

Thank goodness for tabata, because that is never the same old, same old. And that is probably why it is so hard. There are a ton of body weight exercises guaranteed to knock you out and each week we do a few new ones. Of course, the old standbys, like burpees and star jumps, are always there. Today's torture involved a lot of squat jumps, which just fatigue my legs so quickly. Group power is at 815 tomorrow and we will have to see how the puppy cooperates. 

Having a lazy Saturday after working out so hard is a treat! Well, lazy at least until the puppy wakes up. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A new snack idea. Thank goodness.

This is how I feel today...here is my tired puppy using the water bowl to hold her head up! I am definitely not sleeping enough and today it caught up with me. I also had to hang around the house all day waiting for people to come work. Ugh. Frustrating! No exercise for me today and I think just walking the dog is enough. It is good, and healthy, to have a "rest" day, and I am taking it today. Anyway, my legs are pretty sore and tired. 

This snack is not a new idea by any means, but it was a nice, filling treat for my sweet tooth. All it is is vanilla greek yogurt, lots of blueberries and one sheet of cinnamon graham crackers crumbled up. Kindof like cheesecake!  Dinner is Boston Market chicken and a sweet potato. If I'm not going to exercise then I am going to eat clean. Dammit!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What to name this post...? Back fat.

The weather was okay this morning and the puppy cooperated, so I went out for a quick, not really, run. It was cool, but very humid, but I did it. I started off thinking of different titles for this post. That kept me occupied for about one mile and the time did fly! Usually I just listen to my music and that gets me going, but my mind wondered and it felt good. Then it was time to concentrate and psyche myself up for hills. My entire route is hilly and just once I would like to know what it feels like to run on a flat road. The big hill hits me just about exactly halfway, but it felt good to be out there and I just wanted to finish. I know hills are important for training, but there are days when driveway ramps seem like hills. My time was not good at all, but all things considered, I was happy. 

This is my picture after my run- a giant sweaty mess. I wore my Lululemon purple swiftly from last year, a turquoise all sport bra from a few years ago and those black shorts with the dots that I can't think of the name of. I actually gave them to my daughter, because I didn't care for the way they fit me. I think they make my thighs look enormous, but those pockets outweigh the thighs.  And thor-lo socks, of course. I do like the all sport bra, but I think of back fat and stick with my energy bra or 50 rep bra from many years ago. 

I left the grocery store and forget to buy avocados and my blackberries exploded at the cashier. So much for snacking today. I think tonight's dinner is a coconut chicken with apricot/mustard sauce. Yum. Although now, my Keurig machine is calling my name. 

Oh, and my bobbi brown lipstick held up through all that sweat! The nude color from QVC is a little dull, but at least I don't look like I am wearing makeup when I am outside!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another avocado adventure!

Today's snack is a variation of one I posted earlier, but just as yummy! Toasted Ezekial bread, smushed avocado and feta cheese!
I remembered to take a picture BEFORE I finished it! I've also been munching on frozen red grapes. Last night's dinner was a winner- pesto meatloaf. Really, how could that be anything but delicious.

Today at the gym we did a million lunges holding ten pound weights in our arms above our heads.  What a great way to get your heartbeat up and immediately fatigue arms. I have to remember that exercise, said no one ever.  And, it only got worse from there. 

I ordered the polka dot energy bra from Lululemon this morning. I'm waiting for my soot CRB, which should be delivered tomorrow. Boy, does that seem like forever.  I love the new colors uploaded, but am going to try to make it to a store to see how they look on me (as opposed to the thin models they use)- red and yellow might not be very forgiving! 

I should really stick a pedometer on me because since I got this puppy, I don't think I have sat down for more than 5 minutes at a time! Except to write this, of course. 

By the way, if you haven't shopped on Ruelala.com before, you don't know what you are missing. There are some amazing brands and great prices. Everyday at 11 am, and often at 3 pm, I log in. My most recent purchase on ruelala.com was Schmidt brothers steak knives. I also get Bedhead pjs, and lots of Prada shoes! Oops. I'd like to say it is just fun to look, but too often I hit that darn purchase button. Here is a link. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

my guilty pleasure...american ninja warrior

I know, I know, but if you have ever seen this TV show on NBC, I think, then you know that these guys, and some girls, are amazingly fit. I can't get over the strength they have in their hands! These guys are doing amazing things and often make it look easy. I know many of them train day and night and build courses in their houses and yards. Yeah, I might be able to jump from one board to the next before I crash land into the water. (As an aside, I also noticed that a lot of the women wear Lululemon clothes).  I said the other day that I think tennis athletes have to be in the best shape and my son disagreed, he thought mixed martial artists. Either way, it is something to be admired-for the dedication and training.

Today I went to my kick class. I went back to sleep after playing with the puppy and rolled over and decided not to the hit snooze button and go to class. Yay me. But, it was hard to get myself going and there were a ton of squats, that after yesterday's tabata class, just wasn't happening. I wore my new Lululemon mod moves with the black and white stripes and as I was putting it on, heard lots of seams ripping, so that does not make me happy. I know that was on the comments page for these crops.

I have a few minutes, so I am going to go do some weights in the basement. It might be the only cool place in the house, even though the air conditioning is cranking, and the only spot without cats, dogs, and children. If that isn't incentive, then I don't know what is.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Groove crops- I really miss you!

This is my Lululemon rant.

I know there has been a lot of talk about the quality of Lululemon and how seams rip, fabric is sheer, sizing is inconsistent, etc., and I have experienced all of that. I have bought a few things here and there and keep hoping for some of my old favorites to come back. I understand the model that Lululemon is using, and it does make me want to buy something because I know in a few weeks it might be gone again and never come back. But, what I don't get is how you get rid of or change the core products. Those should be staples and as long as different colors keep coming, I guarantee that people will buy it.  Except for my energy bra, this whole outfit is quite old, and one I have worn repeatedly. It has held up so well, that the only reason I would part with it is because I have worn it ten million times.  How hard is it to make groove crops? Simply cut off the bottom of the pants. No brainer? This tank is the cool racerback that has ruffles around the collar and arms. 

By the way, I look kindof tan! Thanks Bare Escentuals Faux Tan. I really like that stuff and it isn't orange and doesn't go on streaky because of the brush applicator. I'm good with shoulders and chest, but I can never get my legs to look right, so I keep them pasty white. 

Tabata was as bad as I thought it would be. The last ten minutes included burpees, and by that point I was just wiped out. But, it is done and I came home and took a nap. I'm going to blame it on the puppy. 

I hope to get to group kick tomorrow, but my puppy might need an emergency trip to the vet, so that of course comes first. My son is out all day today and it is too hot to do any cooking. Breakfast was my oatmeal of course, lunch that Dr Oz chai smoothie and I can't even think of dinner now.  

Friday, July 5, 2013

Weebles wobble and I don't fall down!

I finally got my act together and remembered to put my orthotics in my Reebok Realflex transition shoes before I worked out and now I can honestly say that I love them. They were a tad too big without them and I noticed when I was doing some balance work that I was very wobbly. I immediately blamed being off balance to my new sneakers and I'm sure everyone laughed, but properly fitting shoes make a huge difference.  I'll see how they do in tabata tomorrow, if the puppy agrees.

Tonight's dinner, a burger and a potato with some grated parmesan cheese and Lawry's seasoning, was courtesy Iowagirleats.com.  It was not one of those meals that take longer to prepare than to actually eat. 

Looking forward to some good tennis on Sunday morning, but I do miss Federer. Oh well. I admit to not caring too much about the women's finals, as I'm not too invested in either player. 

Group power. Wimbledon woo hoo.

A friend had this on their facebook page and I thought it was too funny. I think everyone I know is  bothered by their weight and "trying" to do something about it. If only it was an easy fix....

I remember how much I love group power now. The ab track was especially grueling and I know I'll be feeling it in my shoulders later. The only track I don't usually love is the lunge one and this release had no lunges, just lots of crouching and one leg balance work. My charcoal wunder unders definitely have piling between the legs, but since I am the only one who knows, and now you do to, I can live with it. No limits tank was perfect for today, since sometimes when I am super sweaty peeling out of a bra can dislocate a shoulder! True, right?

I have to say, that of all the pro athletes out there, I think tennis players have to be in the best shape ever. Have you seen those leg muscles? And core? And the stamina to keep up play for hours? Wow. Have to go watch Djokovic and Del Potro fight it out. So fun! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cheat Day! Happy 4th!

I have been doing very well eating clean for the last few days, and today, being a holiday, is my cheat day. Well, actually just a cheat meal. Since I know dinner is going to be out, the rest of my day eating is going to be super clean. Oatmeal, chia seeds, chocolate peanut butter for breakfast, cottage cheese and fruit for lunch, a snack here and there. And, lots of coffee, since this puppy is cutting in to my sleep habits. But on the reverse, I don't think I have sat down more than five minutes since we got her. I even got a good, trashy book last week and I am only 10 pages into it.

Yesterday I ran 3 miles at the gym and only stopped twice- once to get a fan and once to catch my breath. I was running next to an older gentleman who was just flying. It was very inspiring and I was a bit disgusted that I was running so slowly and still huffing and puffing. But, I finished. I felt great for the first mile, hated the second mile, and loved the last bit.  Knowing there was an end in sight, I was able to pick up my pace. I tried to keep my mantras going and I think that helped a bit. I was also a little more rested as I had napped before going to the gym. My original goal to run 5 and 3 miles a week might become 3 and 3 miles a week until the weather breaks and I can be outside. The thing about goals is it is very important to have them, but also to keep in mind when and if they need to be changed. I think my goal of 5 and 3 will be something I strive for in the fall, unless it suddenly gets colder out.

Tomorrow I am hoping to do a group power class. I really like them and I find the shoulder workouts to be killer. I might just have to go no matter how tired I am. I admit, I like someone yelling at me and cheering me on. I am pretty good at yelling at myself but can also start thinking of all the things I need to do at home and next thing I know, I am at home!

I saw at my gym someone wearing the purple Lululemon ta ta topper that I have. Now there are two people at my gym with the same top. Too bad the two week return policy is over. I really want the polkadot energy bra. I ordered the soot cool racerback. It takes sooooo long to get it by mail. Yes, I love the free shipping, but one week? Come on, you could walk it over to me in that time.

Have a great 4th! I can't help but think of Will Smith and Harry Connick jr in Independence Day. Love that movie.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Ta Ta Topper. Can't spin it to win it.

Can I still blame my exercise woes on the heat and being tired? I am going to say YES. I took a fun spin class today, but I was dying in it, and I don't normally feel that way until the last 15 minutes of a class. Ten minutes into it, I was not feeling the love and I kept looking at my calorie count and it was lower than it should be. The instructor walked around and I had her blast the fan my direction...Boom..no more problems. I looked like I went swimming. My bangbuster was completely saturated. It was a little disappointing. I looked at the woman in front of me and her calorie count was double. What? I know, I know, don't compare myself, especially since this was an off day, again. But really?

I really love this Ta Ta Topper and hope it comes out in some more great colors. The orange/pizzaz is a little to bright for me. These photos are after my sauna, I mean spin class, and you can certainly see how sweaty I got. Please, Lululemon, just for me, another color.

I think this is how I am going to sleep tonight:

Tonight's dinner is pretty easy and healthy. I am melting a little butter, pouring it over some chicken breasts, and sprinkling it with Lawry's seasoning. Along with a sweet potato, and cut up strawberries. My son will say it is boring, but that is too bad. Snack was a piece of Ezekial bread, cut up avocado and siracha. I said previously that I didn't even need the olive oil that this recipe called for, but I added it anyway since I read some magazine article that said that olive oil will help keep you full. I hope that offsets the extra calories. Regardless, it was yummy. Has anyone ever frozen avocado? I heard you could do that, but don't know if that is true.