Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Shoes, shoes and more shoes- thanks ruelala.com

I bought these Asics Gel Excel running shoes a long time ago on Ruelala.com and they have been hiding in my closet. You all know that I have been looking for new cross trainers for a while and haven't had a lot of luck. So, I finally put my orthotics in them and wore them to my small group training. Yikes- I didn't realize how little cushioning there was in my old sneakers. I could never wear the minimalist shoes, and that is what everyone seems to be making these days. I need padding for my bunion-y, fat, wide feet.  Even though these are running shoes, I am going to try them during Blast (the old group step, I think) tomorrow. I used to have a pair of Reebok sneakers and I loved, love, loved them but they got discontinued. I know they make a great sneaker for cross fit, but I haven't been able to try it on (even though I don't do cross fit!). I've got my fingers crossed! By the way, if you took that dialect test, you would see all the different names for sneakers (I grew up in Philadelphia).

I also got these shoes from ruelala.com. and they came today! Oh happy day. I saw them at Bloomingdales when I was in Florida and then what do you know, they were online just asking me to get them. Of course, with the polar vortex, I might never get to wear them!

Since I am trying to limit my nut butter intake to two tablespoons a day (that was hard. yesterday, I might have had 2-3 oh no), I remembered that I had hemp hearts in my cabinet. These nutrition facts are for 3 Tablespoons, and I only used one, but that is a nice amount of protein and fiber. Problem solved. 

Time for my latte. Nespresso machine was the best purchase ever!