Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lululemon upload 4/1

I love it and I bought everything uploaded- especially the bikinis. April fools.

It seemed like a small upload to me and there really wan't anything that I absolutely had to have. I'm disappointed about the forthright 1/2 zip not showing up again in springy colors or any colors for that matter. I love the CRB in antidote, but I have that bra (wore it today, as a matter of fact), the black camo CRB got returned so I am pretty sure the same print in a No Limits Tank will be much of the same, and I am sick, sick, sick of granite, I mean petite fleur silver spoon. The secret garden floral print looks a little like my grandmother's old sofa, but it would be nice in a bra, poking out with all black. So yeah, easy pass. My wallet is happy since it is taxes time!

Today I had absolutely no stamina/strength. The weights we used were super heavy, so I really struggled. Plus, we had a 20 lb sandbag on our back and walked down the steps and ran up them four times. I was wiped. I wore an old Lululemon tank. I don't know the name of it, but it is perfect because it has a tie at the bottom, is long and covers my butt, is a little bit baggy, is cut very well, and is nice and lightweight. It is probably one of the first things I bought at Lululemon many, many years ago. I also wore my energy bra and groove crops.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lululemon black savasana camo CRB fail :(

I was so excited to get this CRB. I tried on the green camo forme jacket a while ago and thought it was just a little too army for me, so this seemed like the perfect solution. I returned it this morning because the pattern was so, so subtle that it actually looked liked dirt smudges or a glare. This picture below is not an accurate representation at all. Since I have quite a few CRBs in black, I just couldn't justify keeping it. Bummer.  Maybe I will get the spray on yoga pants. Have you seen that? Too funny. I really love that Lululemon has a sense of humor.

My store didn't really have anything that isn't online, except the new Still pants, which I would have definitely tried on. The Post savasana jacket actually looked better in person, even though I don't love those big wide strings. The lightened pull-up looked okay, but I am still hoping for a forthright pullover. In a clear mint. Okay powers that be? I also thought the runamuck tee looked better on the hanger than on the model online. That's not good. 

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting much this week, but my father is quite sick and I am not sleeping well at all. I can be busy all day and not think about it, then I get into bed and my mind goes into overdrive. So I have been sleeping in a bit and not making it to most of my morning classes. I know exercise would be good for me, but....Tomorrow there is an afternoon kick, so I hope to make it to that. I also haven't been cooking. My daughter has been busy and I have no appetite. I have been watching a lot of TV, though. I can't believe Walking Dead and How I Met Your Mother are over this week. Walking Dead looks like it will be gruesome and you just know someone is going to die. Terminus was creepy. And I hope the mother doesn't die on HIMYM. That would be just too sad. I need some happy endings here. Anyway, stay dry. It is supposed to rain like crazy here the next few days. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lululemon upload 3/25

Nothing for me last night! I was hoping for the forthright 1/2 zip, but oh well. I do like the dots in the groovy run shorts.  What's interesting is that last week I picked up the antidote energy bra at a store, but it wasn't included in the upload. I thought it was the other way around, that items uploaded might not be in stores. Whatever. I do love the still pants in fatigue green. I have an old, old pair of still pants in blue, and I wonder how those are compared to the new ones. I use them for traveling since they are super cozy and have POCKETS. I would definitely have to try them on in a store since they need hemming.

I just got my order from last week's mess-up. The black camo is very subtle. Surprisingly so. But today I am wearing scoop neck in parallel stripe, or whatever it is called. I really like the black along the waist. It is very slimming.

Don't worry, I am getting my hair done tomorrow. Too much grey so these Bangbusters are great at hiding the roots. It is so nice to have someone else wash my hair! Lunch is calling. Don't know what it is, but I just got hungry so must go before I eat everything in sight. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lululemon antidote energy bra part 2

Okay, the new sizing energy bra is basically a size up, at least for me. The new 6 fits like the old 4, except it seems quite tight in the band. I don't know if this is something that will give a little in time, but regardless it is wearable. Does anyone know if any of the other bras have this resizing issue? Also wearing wunder unders and black baroque CRB. This seems to be my uniform lately.

I also got the new shopper tote, which I like, except for the "go have sex part." With all the teenage girls wearing Lululemon headbands, I think this is a little inappropriate. Sorry, I am feeling like an old, prudish mother. But I guess I am! 

I didn't make it to blast this morning, so I did a half hour on the elliptical (boring) and then some weights. I need to get back to weights three days a week, and the tabata I do on Thursdays is sort of weights. On Thursday, we did these awful squats, "ass to the grass" where your butt goes way below 90 degrees and I am still sore from them. It has been a week of being sore! I love it. Except when I am going up steps. Or when I have to go wash my hair and my arms are jelly. Now it is time to plop down on the sofa. Is it Walking Dead time? I need my zombie fix. I can't believe there is one episode after tonight. Big fat tears!

The next sneaker to try is....?

Drumroll please....The New Balance Foam 980.

As you know, I have major sneaker drama- bunion surgery 10 years ago, orthotics, fat, wide feet, the list goes on. As a result, I am super obsessed with finding the right sneaker for my foot. Often my feet hurt during step or if I am doing a lot of impact, like kick. I used to have a pair of Reebok sneakers many years ago that were perfect and I bought about three pairs. And then they were discontinued. With the shift to lightweight sneakers, I have struggled to find my new pair. Asics seem to be the next best thing, and that is what I am wearing now. I really need lots of cushioning on the bottom and mesh for the top. That's is why this Foam 980 might be perfect!

Now I haven't tried these yet. I have only found them online and I just hesitate to try another pair. They always feel good at home and then after a few weeks, they feel just ok.  But, according to the description, they sound perfect for me. I don't exactly love the colors, but I can deal with that.
All the reviews sound fabulous, but has anyone out there tried them? Comments? I'll probably break down and order them at some point, I guess, but my Asics have a little life in them still. Please let me know!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thank you Lululemon!

I received a $25 card this morning. What a costly blunder, yeah? But I think it is being handled well, so at least there is that. They could use some positive press for a change.

I'm loving Calvin Harris "Summer." It is playing on my computer as I type. What a difference a song can make when you are exercising and I think this one will be perfect. I didn't know he was such a cutie, too. I guess we are going to hear this song all summer.

We take bets in my house as to when the last drop of snow will melt (all shade). Right now I am voting for summer! See the segue? Of course, we might get a big storm Wednesday, so we are waiting for after that to make our bets. Right now, I think mid-April. Yup, that is how we get our kicks at my house.

So when I went to the dermatologist for my annual skin check, they actually found a few acne keratosis (pre cancer) spots on my face. I am so glad I went! One I knew about and the other was a surprise. I guess 20 years of baking in the sun, all summer (Jersey shore, baby) have caught up to me. I am very good about wearing sunscreen when I am outside, but not so good when it is just my day to day activities. I don't think my Armani Luminous silk foundation (still love!) has any SPF in it, and I don't think my primer does (Christian Dior), so I guess I need to find a moisturizer that does and apply it regularly. The days of getting out of my bathroom quickly are long over. Let that be a lesson-- go make a skin appointment. It is fast and easy (except for being in a hospital gown so she can see everything), and can save your life!

And on that note, I'm off to figure out what is for dinner tonight. Argh. We had a roast chicken last night, and just might use the leftover chicken for nachos or caesar salad. Yummy and easy peasy.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Lululemon Energy bra sizing issues?

I had read somewhere about this and now I totally believe it. I have often complained about an energy bra that I bought in size 4 and that I could barely fit into it. I have been wearing a 4 since they released the energy bras and I have it way too many colors. I thought that I gained a lot of weight. Which I did, but I guess it wasn't that.

I was in Lululemon today and was so excited to see ANTIDOTE energy bras. I love a little color popping out since most of my tops are, as you know, black. My daughter convinced me to try it and I am so glad I did, because I couldn't even get it on. So I came home with a 6, and here are my pictures comparing everything. The faded zap is a 4, the black and white is the new 4, and the antidote is a 6.

 Okay, this is thee difference between the new 4 and I guess the new 6.

This is the difference between the old 4 and the new 6.

This is the difference between the old 4 and the new 4.

So I don't get it. How do you just resize something like that and why? I will try on the 6 tomorrow and hope it isn't too big. If so, I am done with energy bras and that would be sad. I'll let you know.

I also tried on the green camo forme and while I loved it, I felt a little too army in it. Plus, I'm still waiting for more forthright 1/2 zip. I might be waiting a long time!

That's it. My daughter got a prom dress that isn't revealing. Some of those dresses are unbelievable- all cut out and no back. Yikes. Am I sounding like an old lady now?

By the way, Blacklist? Really good. I've been waiting for that part of the story. That's the only part I really care about. The rest is just background to me.