Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baked brie for lunch

When we were away, we had a delicious baked brie appetizer at my brother's house. I got the recipe and brie was on sale today at our food store, so.... appetizers for lunch! Isn't that the best? Actually, I am still eating my roasted vegetables with chicken sausage lunch, and my kids devoured the brie. I think I get mommy points for not insisting on a well balanced meal. Anyway, all you do is take a brie and cover the top with jam (I used raspberry, but you could also use apricot or strawberry), layer on some nuts (I used sliced almonds, but you could use walnuts or pecans), drizzle on some honey and then a little pepper. Bake in a 350 oven for about a half hour, or until it puffs, and then serve with crackers. Honestly, how can this not be amazing? It is all gone!

Tabata was fine this morning, except for the burpees. I don't know what it is about that specific exercise (probably mental), but it makes me want to throw up every single time. Maybe the getting up and getting down part? I don't know, but I actually had to wait out one 20 second tabata of burpees. Its funny, every time I type that word, autocorrect wants to change it to burps, and this is exactly how I feel. Anyway, after two snow days, the class was super crowded and everyone had a lot of energy. It really did feel good to workout. This totally applies to me, except during snow days. When getting off the sofa is a big deal.

My nails are very chipped today, but I think I can stretch it out until tomorrow. Or not, as I look down at my fingers as I type. That wasn't too bad...4 days. My expectations are so low.

I organized my health files yesterday. See, I did do something. I am so glad I did, because in 2011, I started a low dose of Crestor and when I had my blood checked in 2012, my cholesterol number went down. I got the results of the bloodwork I just had done, and while my cholesterol number was still within the normal range, it did go up from 2012. Interesting. Very interesting. Did any of my doctors notice? That would be no. 

Remember that commercial, "I have fallen and I can't get up." Right now, I feel like I am sitting and I can't get up. Time to have a cappuccino and wait for my second wind to kick in. Stay warm!