Sunday, January 19, 2014

SPACE.NK best of Eve Lom on QVC

I really don't know if I was half asleep watching QVC (don't laugh because they have some amazing deals on skincare and beauty products) or what, but I ordered this 5 piece set last week.

Who is Eve Lom, you ask? She was brought up by a "witch doctor" (her words) grandmother in the former Czechoslovakia, and as a child Eve Lom was often sent out to collect herbs and plants to be used in healing her grandmother's ailing patients. She moved to Hollywood where she rekindled her interest in natural therapies. She became a facialist soon building up a good reputation and starry client list. A move to London saw the opening of her first salon in 1983 from where she started selling her eponymous line in 1985. The first outlet came in 1994, in Dickins & Jones, and the brand grew and grew. A few years back Lom sold the company to SpaceNK but still maintains a certain degree of control. 

How did I never hear about her? Cult classic and I don't know about it? 

The kit includes 

  • 1-fl oz Eve Lom Cleanser
  • 1.6-fl oz Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser
  • 0.49-fl oz Eve Lom Rescue Mask
  • 0.49-fl oz Eve Lom TLC Radiance Cream
  • 0.23-fl oz Eve Lom Kiss Mix
  • Eve Lom cloth

Here are my thoughts: 

It has been years since I have used a clay mask (that is the rescue mask) and I am shocked at how fabulous my face felt. I don't know if all clay masks would have this effect on my skin, but this one was really super. I can't wait to use it again.

I think the Radiance Cream was a lovely moisturizer, but I'm not sure if it was anything special. 

As someone with especially dry lips, I was eager tot try the Kiss Mix. I liked this a lot, and I'm glad it came in my kit, because I don't think I would spend $22. I need to keep trying it and I'll let you know. Usually I have Chapstick or Burts Bees in every pocket and throughout the house, so I consider myself a lip balm expert.

The true winner of this set is the Cleanser and the Morning Time Cleanser. There is a bit of a smell, but that doesn't bother me. I usually use Bobbi Brown Soothing cleansing oil and this is a similar idea, but it is more solid and is called a balm cleanser. You rub it in in a circle and use her cloth (or a washcloth, I guess) to remove it. THIS WAS GREAT! I know a lot of reviews complain about the fact that it has mineral oil in it, but that doesn't bother me.

Anyway, it is sold at Sephora, Nordstrom, and of course, QVC.

Yesterday, our little coating to an inch turned into 6 wet, heavy inches of snow, so I spent the day watching HGTV and being lazy. Which means today I am ready to go Kick and kick up a sweat. I need to go wash my face....