Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sport sandals are in!

Of course, I know I just posted about my new booties, and it seems like spring will never get here, but shefinds.com has a post about 9 spring trends, and number one is a blessing for my sore feet. Yup, sport sandals are in. Shefinds is also saying that skinny jeans are out this year, and high waisted, wide legged jeans are in, which also makes me do a happy dance. And, it just gets better. Bermuda shorts are in again too. (Jcrew has awesome shorts, btw, many different lengths and colors.)  I was so out that I am in again. They also say black and white, but like black and white prison stripes, is going to be hot. I don't know about the beetlejuice look, but I like black and white.

Shefinds.com is one site that I check all the time! Do you have a favorite website or blog that you go to each day? Please share!