Saturday, January 11, 2014

Another hot class...and I don't mean hot yoga

Things are bad when the people in the front row at spin are arguing over the placement of the fan. Luckily, no matter which way it was facing, I got a little blast. I'm not sure why there aren't more fans, as everyone complains about it.  But, I kept going since there was a certain calorie mark I wanted to hit and I had to work very hard to get there. This is one of those cases where the instructor makes a huge difference, and I was hot and I think I kindof wilted. I didn't want to stress out my knee, which is hurting again, by going to Saturday tabata, since the Saturday class has a lot of impact. I wore my Lululemon wunder unders and a black power Y full on luon tank. I have learned that I sweat so much during spin that having a tank with a built in bra helps (plus I don't have to struggle to get out of two layers). 

No pictures today because my daughter is sick in my bed. I know it is only a matter of time until it is my turn, although we have been eating homemade chicken soup and navel oranges (so juicy and delicious, lately).  I have an electric blanket and there is nothing like getting all cozy and turning it up to high. Of course that means that my bed is totally contaminated. That electric blanket was probably the best thing I have ever bought! Although I know people who have a heated mattress pad and that sounds pretty awesome to me as well. If you have serious winters, then I definitely recommend getting one. I think I keep the heat in my room much lower as a result. 

I am doing my CND vinylux experiment again and it has been 24 hours without a single chip. For me, that is amazing. I'll keep you posted!

I have no exciting recipes to report, since my son has been eating out a lot and my daughter has no appetite. I have been eating very well, since I don't have to cook! Lots of overnight oats, quinoa cakes, salad and roasted veggies. Something new that I am trying is having a mug of hot water with lemon after dinner (I can almost pretend it is a glass of wine). I know a lot of people drink this upon waking up, but I need coffee, pronto, and I also don't have a lot of time to drink up. So some of the health claims are that besides being a diuretic and full of vitamin C, it is supposed to help fight hunger cravings because it is high in pectin. But, when I google it, a lot of this comes up as myth. So, what do you think? Is this something you drink every day? Do you think it really helps?