Sunday, January 19, 2014

Well my mind was all raring to go...

...but my body had other ideas.  My knee still hurts and my wrists are a little sore from so much plank exercises, so I did modify a bit.  I am a mess!

The new release of Group Kick was a lot of fun, except for the bear crawls. They weren't hard to do, but whenever I go up and down at a high intensity (burpees, too)  I want to throw up. I didn't love the conditioning track, but I think I got a good workout. It is always fun to kick things up- get it- haha??

Before the class, I did some bicep and shoulder exercises so my arms are sufficiently fatigued. One of the tabatas I did a while ago, was 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off of just bicep curls, for 8 times. I tried to do this since it really burns out the arms. As if that wasn't enough, it started snowing again while I was inside the gym and I came home and shoveled the driveway. The plow guy came last night and then it snowed on top of it. Although I really just pushed the snow around. It was wet and heavy. But absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't stop taking pictures.

I wore my Lululemon groove crops, energy bra and black CRB. Basically all black again because I can't stand to look in the mirror. I am motivated but yet very disgusted. I know a little weight came off since I came back from vacation, but it really just seems to be stuck around my midsection. I know this is common in women as we age, but really? Today I am going to make more quinoa cakes, because they really fill me up and they are something I can get my teeth into, if you know what I mean. While I love smoothies, sometimes I need to chew. 

 I was going to head to Neiman Marcus today since I read that Giorgio Armani has some fabulous foundations. My skin is looking so blotchy lately...although it is really super soft from this Eve Lom cleansers/moisturizers that I got. I am extremely impressed with the cleansers!  I also wanted to get to Madewell. My order of the Bien Fait sweatshirt was canceled and I am so, so sad. But I might just not. I don't want to watch the Patriots game because I get too nervous, but I also don't want to miss it.  My daughter can't put up with me. Such a dilemma. So pathetic. Have a great afternoon and please send evil thoughts to Peyton Manning.