Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Latest Lululemon Upload 1/14

I don't think I am going to order anything off this upload. I did so much J.crew and Lululemon shopping last year that I am all set with sweaters and tops and everything.....(By the way, my Madewell sweatshirt is still backordered and I'm waiting!) The other reason I am not going to order anything is that while I think the colors are gorgeous, I feel too self-conscious wearing them until I lose some of this weight. I am only interested in black and dark colors for me (I never saw that dark zinfandel and I hear rumors about a camo print!). But, here are my thoughts:

First, get rid of that teal, especially the hyper mini stripe. Didn't we see that last year or something?

I hope you are a fan of swiftlys, because a ton of them got uploaded last night/this morning. I know a lot of people complain that the tops snag and the fabric is very fragile, but I have only had one top that snagged, and that was my fault. I love the swiftlys and am sorely tempted, but I think that they sometimes they accentuate flab (sorry, can't think of a better word). My favorites are the vee neck (!!!) and the tanks.  The blue baroque is just gorgeous though and the striped heathered pink zing light looks different enough from my pinks. My daughter wears all of mine and she looks fantastic.

I also love the CRB in the apex striped pink zing light and the scoop neck, but I'm going to have to pass.

The post practice cardigan is getting great reviews. I'm curious how it looks on short women! I love my passage sweater and sized down two sizes. This looks to be the same fit. I wish I knew how tall the model was, that would be so helpful (Lululemon- so many other retailers provide this information, you should definitely include it). 

I saw the black and white striped no limits tank on a woman at my gym and the tank looked amazing!  She was probably a size 12 and it was so good looking on her!

So yesterday the Lululemon stock tanked based on earnings reports. All I can say is they better get it together. I hope with a new CEO who has actual retail experience that they can get a handle on sizing (completely random in some cases), inventory, how to run a website (why does it crash on uploads?), and PR (it only seems to be negative anymore). I'm not even talking about sheer pants! I think customer service is better. They will never be like Nordstrom or Burberry (best one yet), but they are trying at least, I think. They also need to have a sign or print out in big letter on the receipt or verbally say it each time that there is a two week return policy. Too many people still don't know this and complain and complain about it. I know I have said it before, but I am surprised at how many mistakes are made. If it weren't for the fact that so many women are obsessed with the clothing (myself included) and the headbands for teenagers, I don't know how they would do.

Anyway, today I am off to my small group training and then I will probably be playing nurse again. I must clean my house. I will post pictures later. When I get to my cleaning! Hahaha.