Thursday, January 23, 2014

Listen to your body! Not your mind!

Well, sometimes.

I woke up this morning and just had no oomph. No get up and go. No energy whatsoever. I had the best plans: head to tabata, clean some of my basement (I didn't really think this last part was going to happen, but a person can dream), make dinner. Guess what? I didn't do any of those things. And I don't feel at all guilty.

My body was just sore and tired and it was definitely telling me to take a rest day.  In fact, it was telling me to take a pajama day. I am very fortunate that I can do this, I know. My daughter is old enough but trust me, there were many days and nights when she was younger that I drove around in my pajamas (or without a bra). That way I can give it my all tomorrow. Sometimes you just have to take a rest day!

I made another awesome dinner last night from! It was baked sweet and sour chicken and it totally tasted like takeout. I served it with some Trader Joe's frozen fried rice and it was damned delicious! I ate the rest for lunch today. I also served it with some roasted brussel sprouts. Here is the link:

This photo is from the latest Nordstrom book to come in the mail- all about exercise clothes (Lululemon you better step it up!)- but note the socks and the shoes! Right? What did I tell you? 

Is this card so true?? I think about the categories that I go to the most: health and fitness, food and drink, home decor. Then I might browse diy and women's clothing. What about you? While I was teaching, I looked at education day and night and think it has the best curriculum ideas out there. I would even recommend it for parents of young children because there are so many ideas for rainy days!

And lastly, someone tell me how to get off Candy Crush 149. I was stuck on 147 for over two weeks and this one just might make me throw in the towel.