Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ugly shoes are in! My sore feet say thanks!

Check out this article I found about ugly shoes on Huff Post Style.  I recently wrote that black Birkenstocks were all the rage and that Isabel Marant has a very expensive athletic sandal coming out (lust). I wore my Rag and Bone Harrow booties to the mall last night and while I looked amazing, my feet were crying. I needed my Dansko clogs. They can't be beat. Except by Asics Gel Noosa sneakers, of course. While I love Uggs, and have many pairs (I do live in New England and it is snowing now after all ), they make my feet sweat and are too flat for my flat feet. I have to draw the line at crocs, though, since I have too many preschool children at work wearing them. Those Steve Madden sandals in the article look a lot like my favorite Prada sandals. Hmmmm. Heely's? No. But I did have Doc Martens a long, long time ago and love a lace up military-style boot.

I did go into Lululemon last night and I am worried! There was nothing in the store! A few items caught my eye. The Race with Grace looked fantastic, but I don't need another pullover and I wasn't thrilled with the pattern on the back. The Post Practice Cardi looked okay. I think you could find something like that at Old Navy for a fraction of the price. I love the Chai Time Pullover, but it is such a boatneck, that my bra would show. This is something that I could wear out, and I wouldn't wear this at the gym and sweat all over it. That's it. Where was the zing pink? Where were all the wunder under pants or groove pants. Where was all the inventory? My wallet is happy, but what is going on?

I ended up returning the bras that I bought at Nordstrom and spent hours trying on new ones. I walked out with Wacoal. I have never worn this brand before and there were at least 25 different styles to try on. Let me just way, that there is a bra for everyone! I was at Lord and Taylor and it was perfect- there was no one else there and they have an enormous selection. Much bigger than Macy's and Nordstrom (although there was no one working there to help me, like at Nordstrom, so I had to keep getting dressed to get different styles and sizes, and that was a drag). There were a few that ended up fitting nicely. I also liked On Gossamer. I wanted to love Spanx, but the bra-llelujah didn't have adjustable straps and so it didn't fit right. The bad news is that I went up a band size to be comfortable. So, ladies, have you checked out your bras lately? I hate to say that I can't remember the last time I bought bras, so the ones that I were wearing were frayed and digging in. My grandmother always said to wear your best, clean underwear in case you get in an accident. Of course, when I think about that, I hope the EMTs are cutting away what they need to and not ogling the lace on my bra.

No gym today. My legs are sore from Power yesterday and I slept terribly. I could use the break, so I can go Kick tomorrow. It has been a while and I am looking forward to it.

Go Patriots!!