Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Best customer service ever?

BURBERRY! I know, for those prices, you should get good customer service, but we all know that isn't always the case (you know who I am talking about right?). Burberry repaired my zipper and fixed the broken pocket on my winter coat for no charge. No questions, no hesitations, nothing but a big smile and thanks. I'm so happy to have my winter coat back! Take that, polar vortex.

I did manage to spend some money at Lululemon, though. I bought the tame me tank. I know I used to have this tank, and I sold it on Ebay because I thought it was too maternity looking. Either my stomach got a lot bigger, or the cut/fabric is a little slimmer. Either way, and either one is possible, it was the best tank out there that isn't fitted.  While I do love the no limits tank, it is not something I can wear when doing tabata or kick. I also love that I get to wear my own bra under it.

I did try on the Flow bra and it just wasn't right for me, and my store didn't have the all sport bra, which was too bad. I also tried on the 105 singlet (I know that I said I was done with it) and the black silverescent fit better. I didn't feel like skin beneath my bra was exposed. I tried on the Track tee and it was pleated or gathered or something on the back, which I didn't know, so it didn't totally lay right. I probably could have played with sizing, but I didn't love it enough. I saw the Flip your dog, which seemed extremely lightweight to me, and the Roll out tank, which just didn't look substantial to me. The Bhakti yoga jacket looked much better in person. I liked that. I didn't try it on, though, since I am not looking for a new jacket (famous last words). There really wasn't that much inventory in the store. And no every yogi tee.

That's it. Have a great day!