Thursday, January 30, 2014

Too tired to walk!

Tabata this morning was all legs. Needless to say, after cooking my quinoa cakes for the week (these are a lifesaver for me in the afternoon when hunger kicks in), I am enjoying a cup of coffee and sitting down. I may never get up. Ever.

The bad news is that next week is all upper body. 

So it is over a week later and I have been pretty good about using my Eve Lom cleansers that I got from QVC. I do like them a lot. The smell, especially for the morning cleanser, is a little off, and it might bother some, but I don't care. I would consider buying either the evening or morning cleanser, but since I have a whole bottle of Bobbi Brown cleansing oil to go through, I can't justify having both. I also like the mask a lot. I'm not sure how it compares to other clay masks, though. I also like the radiance cream, but I'm not sure what the ingredients are, for all I know it could be just like Olay or another drugstore brand. It goes on easily and is lightweight and feels great. This could also be tempting. So overall, very very pleased! And, I just saw that she is launching cosmetics! Here is a link to the products and a review.