Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Blast was a blast?

I liked the new blast class. It wasn't that different from group step, but it certainly got my heart rate up. The last track with those fast feet and then turning at the whistle kicked my butt. I will definitely do it again. My feet actually hurt a little, so I think I am still on the hunt for the perfect shoe. Argh. 

I am nice and sore today. One of the exercises that we did yesterday was to do 15 chest presses and then 10 pushups. Repeat three times. The chest presses alone, or the pushups alone, would have been enough, but the combination together is really tough. I feel it today. I definitely had to go down to my knees for the second set of pushups (plus, I was able to get much further to the ground). Try it! It is only 75 reps total! We also did triceps rope extensions, but my trainer had us angle our arms more to the ceiling and think up, then out and think across. This is the exercise where you are standing facing away from the rope and lift it over your head. I'm sure I didn't explain that very well. My tris are also very sore today. Not complaining. I like that feeling because it means that something that I did yesterday worked. 

I wore my Lululemon black and white striped CRB, energy bra and groove pants. I like to think the busy pattern on the tank camouflages a little of the midsection, but I think that is just wishful thinking on my part. 

I am off to the mall after I shower to get my Burberry coat! Yay, even though the polar vortex, I just love typing that, is almost over for New England, I miss my coat. And I am absolutely not going into JCrew or Lululemon. Ha. I'll give you store reports later!