Saturday, November 30, 2013

My kind of run!

I did make it to group power and then ran two miles with a little walk in between. It was slow and ugly and I can't believe that at some point I was running five miles easily. Ouch. My knee felt better running than it did squatting, so I guess I can go do this again. Yay me. Next time 2 1/2 miles. I was so bored while I was running, I was watching some animal show about sea lions. It could have even been on Disney. It was that or college football. Come on, my club, that makes me want to smack my head against the wall. My son downloaded some new music for me, so that helped, for about 5 minutes.

Anyway, I was on Pinterest and saw this funny card. Most people go to Pinterest for motivation, I go for the laughs. What does that say about me?

I bumped into my step instructor, who I have known for a long time, and I asked her about group step and why it is so hard and that it is much more challenging than it used to be. I felt like I had lead in my shoes yesterday. She said its because they have changed the choreography so it is more tabata-like with intervals. Yup, there are jump squats, burps, side skaters, and lots of squats. I could have kissed her, because I am in pretty decent shape and that class totally kicks my ass. So it isn't totally me (well, a lot me, but not totally). Now I feel better and motivated.

My Lululemon order that I thought I placed on Thanksgiving day never went through, and I must say, the GEC that I spoke to was wonderful. But, the wunder under crop with bow is gone, girl, gone. I hope it comes back, but if not, there will be something else for me to drool over, I'm sure. At some point, I have to go through and see what I am keeping and what I am returning. If you have seen my photos, you can see the mess on my sofa that I need to deal with. It might be safe to go to a mall in a few days, maybe.

Yesterday I could not get full

Did you ever have one of those days? I think I could have eaten my left arm I was so hungry all day and nothing could my empty stomach. I think I might have eaten everything in the house at least once. I don't know what that was all about, but it better not happen again. Today is a new day!

Yesterday I had absolutely no energy for step, so I'm hoping Power today is a different story. I don't usually go to this class on Saturdays, but if I skip it, due to the holidays I will only get one weight training session in this week. I know I can't get to the gym tomorrow because I have to head to the airport. Boo Hoo. Immediately after Power is tabata, which I don't think I can do, since I can barely make it through that class anyway. I will get some cardio in, though. Does anyone else think step is incredibly difficult? I'm not sure why. Help me out and tell me it isn't just me! I feel like I have lead feet.

I made the most amazing roasted broccoli recipe that I have to share! Oh my! It is from this month's issue of Better Homes and Gardens and it is roasted broccoli with olives and garlic. If you love olives, then this is a great twist on plain old roasted broccoli. Not the most enticing pictures, especially since half of it is already eaten, but it was so good. If you are going to make it, buy pitted olives, so that the recipes prepares in just minutes. Must make more!

So I'm wearing to the gym very old, but still very fabulous, Lululemon groove pants (it is 12 degrees right now) and my ruffle CRB from a few years ago. I think special edition should mean new and I have the two ruffle CRBs that were uploaded Thursday (?). How is that a special edition? The only thing different about this CRB and the new one is there is no ruffle around the under arm (chafing I would imagine). Ok, must go fix hair and get going!  Bye. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Black Friday!

If you are out shopping and fighting the crowds, does that count as a workout? I am not shopping at all today and I am definitely not hitting any malls. Honestly, this happens every year- there really isn't anything that I need so despite the awesome prices, black Friday is a dud. We certainly do need any electronics, or kitchen stuff, or even household stuff. My presents are all done, since we celebrate Hanukah and my kids really just want clothes and cash. So instead, I am going to head to group step soon and skip the Turkey Trot, since it is 20 degrees and my daughter is still sleeping. Oh well, it was a fun idea. My knee will thank me later.

I placed an order with Lululemon yesterday with some of the Black Friday special edition items and the order went through, but I never got an email confirmation and I don't see any activity on my credit card. Of course, now, some of the items are out of stock. The wunder under crop with bow was cute, and I like the look of the inspire. I don't need pants, so that helps.  Since it can all be returned, there is no harm in ordering again, except I don't want that extra charge on my credit card.  I have a few ruffled items already, so I am really okay with it. The shopping cart page was acting very weird for me.

I did pretty well eating until it was time for the pecan pie bars, which I made. I had way too many, but they were so sweet and oozy gooey and it couldn't be helped. I just froze the rest of the bars so they are gone. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Now I have officially three weeks to go on my quest. That makes it sound so official and important.

It will feel good to exercise and get moving. Yesterday I walked for what seemed like forever on my treadmill while catching up on Homeland. I'm sorry, this show isn't doing it for me this season. Thank goodness Dana has moved out, because that storyline has always bothered me. Anyway, forever only burned a little bit of calories, so I'm looking forward to this morning. Is that sad? Is that awesome?

Here is the CRB I mentioned yesterday WITH LINING.

 And me in it :) It seems very long, but that is okay with me.

My casual side pose.

But, I don't want to cut the tags off yet, so it is back to the first base tank, which I end up wearing way too much and should have bought more when they came out.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best wishes!

Oops! I didn't! (Plus, Lululemon upload 11/28)

I ended up seeing Catching Fire instead! I thought my children would be embarrassed to go to a movie with their mother, but they really surprised me, and we had a family outing. After, we had some sushi and I returned a few things at the mall. I tried to buy my son some shoes at Nordstrom, but he was too picky.  I know, how can he be related to me? The movie was great and Jennifer Lawrence was truly fabulous, but I think Elizabeth Banks, as Effie, was unbelievable.

I returned the Lululemon 105 singlet that came in the mail on Tuesday. While I love it, it just doesn't fit me right. In order for it to be a generous fit on me, the back becomes very, very low, and an extra size smaller was just a little too snug, while still being low in the back. I don't think I can do that to the person behind me. The colors are gorgeous, though! I am bummed. I also returned the light grey open your heart long sleeve, since the pink was too similar to the color that I already own and I thought the grey just a little blah. If that comes in a pattern besides stripes, I am all over it. It is very cozy and warm. I did end up keeping the beautiful baroque CRB and guess what! It is lined! Didn't I just say that about the snowy owl CRB I wore the other day? I also picked up the Scoop Neck Luon in the new grey/black print, which isn't listed online yet. There are so many goodies in this new upload, that I don't know what I am doing yet! Luckily, I have the CRB ruffle from a million years ago and a CRB ruffled hem. I'll let you know. My store had the Ruffled Up Pullover and while it looked great from the front, the back was, in my opinion, awful. Peacock? Attention to butt? What?

Yesterday's eating was pretty good and I impressed myself! I had a latke and some sushi and I think I was so busy that I wasn't hungry. My plan is to get the desserts in the oven, walk on the treadmill and catch up with Homeland (I stopped watching three weeks ago because I can't stand Crazy Carrie and her bad decisions and bulging eyes. But I do like Rupert Friend.) Maybe by then, my kids will be awake!

I'm a little bummed about the weather for tomorrow's Turkey Trot. I think it is supposed to be about 20. While I keep saying that it is only a short period that we will be outside, I know my daughter won't want to do it and I don't want to mess up my knee. What to do, what to do.

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving. Enjoy being with your family...or not... and make good choices (and I don't mean look both ways when crossing the street)>

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How am I going to get myself exercising today?

My son's flight was delayed so we didn't get home until very late and I don't think I got to bed until 11:30, which is extremely late for me. One of my cats was also all over me last night and then proceeded to yell at me at 8:45 am, like a "What are you doing still in bed? You are never in bed this late. Feed me. Play with me. I think I will just sit on this body part that isn't covered by the comforter." Uh oh. I am so tired, I am imagining what my cat is saying to me. Now he is trying to lick my hands as I type.

So, since my kids have lunch plans today, I think I will head over to the gym when they go out. I know just getting there is the hardest part. My lululemon package came yesterday, so I do want to try the new items on. That at least will get me dressed. Also, knowing we are going out to eat for dinner, and that tomorrow is Thanksgiving will help me get in my car (Did I mention yet that there is torrential rain and it is miserable out?). I am thrilled to notice some changes due to all this extra exercising and healthy eating, but it is work, work, work and my goal is another three weeks and a two days (vacation). I can do this. I will do this.

Or, I might just get back into bed for a little while....

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lululemon Upload 11/26

Well, that was a pretty small, uneventful upload. Unless you need outdoor running gear or long sleeves/ long pants. Thankfully, I don't. But, I took one look at the wunder under crops and said MUST HAVE. I love the pattern. Love. I have my fingers crossed about the material, though! That was my only purchase.

I think I am supposed to get my order from last week today. Honestly, I hit enter so long ago, I wasn't entirely sure what I ordered. 

Yesterday, I got an early call to go sub, so I didn't get to the gym. That was really okay, because my knee still hurt. I thought about yoga last night, but I had some heat issues in the house (basically, no heat), so I had a repairWOMAN (yes!) over for a while. Of course, everything looked fine by the time she got here. Of course. 

Because of a nut allergy at the the center where I work, my food choices are limited. I didn't realize how much I rely on nuts as a protein source. So, I ate my good old cottage cheese, fruit, cinnamon, and coconut "salad." It was okay, but I like it best with Friendship cottage cheese, which is super creamy and almost ricotta-like. I think I ate this so often over the summer that I got sick of it, but it is really a perfect lunch idea for the next few days of obscene eating (not me!). 

I wore my 105 singlet and wunder under crops to the gym today.  I am thrilled to notice a slight difference in my side profile, and seeing some progress is very inspiring, especially considering the challenges in the next few days with food choices. It is enough to keep me motivated! After my class today, I spent a half hour on the elliptical, which I would have definitely skipped before that awful doctor's appointment. While I was on it, all I could think of was have to do this, have to do that, blah blah blah. But, I said to myself that all of that could wait, THIS is what I really have to do. Thirty minutes, check! Now that I am home, though, it is time to sign off and get some of those things done! Bye!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I really love this old Lululemon CRB

I think it is snowy owl or something like that, but it is lined. Yup, lined! I'm also wearing my Forme jacket with cuffing and ruffles, which I am liking more and more each time I put it on. I hope that Lululemon releases some fun, maybe even frilly, items as it gets closer to the holidays!

I made it to Power, which was great. I felt super strong and powered through when it go hard (get it? haha). I stayed for kick, which was a big mistake, because I totally ran out of energy halfway through. I ate a banana in between classes and that usually helps, but after a little while, I could barely move my feet. While this wasn't a bad thing, since I tried to not jump due to the knee, I felt like I was only giving it 60%. Usually my thinking is if I am at the gym, I go all out and don't waste the effort, but not for kick today. 

Today's activities involve getting my Thanksgiving and Hanukah shopping list together, and stocking the fridge with food for my son. I also have some major cleaning to do. I know I am making a bunch of desserts and latkes. How awesome is that? I'm not cooking until Tuesday, but I do not want to be in a grocery store after that, so I need to make sure all of my ingredients are here. I was in Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday and had to leave because the line was so long. Today is not the most exciting day, but I can't put this stuff off any longer. And it is so cold! I want to hibernate. My meals today are going to be very boring and probably the same as what I ate yesterday, which includes lots and lots of roasted vegetables! Today I might throw together some roasted green beans, which are delicious with a little pecorino romano on top. Yum! Good even cold. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Roast, roast baby!

Sorry about the lame title! Now is that song stuck in your head? The one I won't name because then it will certainly be an ear worm.

I'm recovering from my spin class. Yes, my butt hurt and the instructor was very late (not her fault), but that meant an additional 10 minutes on the bike. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. My knee hurt also, so that didn't make me happy. I haven't been to cycle in a few months, and I could definitely see a difference with my watts and calories burned. I did remember what I don't like and what I have never been good at: run. I just don't get how some people can pedal while standing up that fast. I much rather have a high resistance and low cadence. Anything over 100 is torture for me. I am going to wait to see how I feel tomorrow morning, but I would love to go to Power and then Kick again. That is the plan. I like having a plan. I like writing it down here, so then it sticks.

While I relax a little and ice my knee, I did my nails. I went very dark today. I used an old, old Dior color, called Lalaque. It was part of a trio and it definitely looks purple in the bottle, not so much on my nails. You have to have the light oh so perfect. Most of the time, it looks black.

I hate to admit it, but I am not a salad person. Unless we are talking Factory Salad from Cheesecake Factory, and then I am all in. But, I struggle to eat my vegetables ( I sound like I am about 4 years old). I know how important they are to a healthy diet, so as part of this whole plan to eat clean, I have made an effort to include them. My favorite way to do this is just roast them. It couldn't be easier and they couldn't be tastier. It doesn't matter what the vegetable is. Today, broccoli was on sale and of course sweet potatoes. So, I threw some broccoli on a tray, drizzled it with olive oil and sea salt, and yum.

The other recipe I cooked was from Kalyn's kitchen and it is called Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Red Onions and Feta. It is so good. I only had one red onion and I wish I had more. You can see where I tried it plain and then tried it with feta. The cheese is a really nice addition and not something I would normally think to do.

By the way, I use Reynolds Nonstick tinfoil (not the regular kind) on everything and it is amazing. My cookie sheets are very old and I was tired of them never getting clean.  Now they are disgusting, but I don't care, because no food touches them and cleanup is super easy. 

After some time on the sofa, I'm off to Bed Bath and Beyond and Target. How crazy are those stores going to be! 

Spin class instead of tabata

I am still having some knee pain (taking step was a stupid idea) so I'm going to go to spin class where the pain in my butt (since I haven't been to this class in so long, I know this will hurt today. Isn't it funny how that pain goes away though?) should distract me from the pain in my knee. I do like spin class, but for me, it can get a little repetitive and so much depends on the music selections and the instructors. (That is why I love kick and tabata and step- you move your whole body!).  Bad music and I might as well be riding my tricycle outside chasing butterflies. But good music makes me feel like I can go on forever. Well, at least until the end of the song. Since it is a no impact class and I need to allow for maximum sweating, I am wearing Lululemon groove crops and a no limits tank. By the way, am I the only one that sometimes struggles with this tank? I take it off just right and then somehow, in the wash, it gets all messed up and inside out and twisted and I can literally spend five minutes fixing it and trying to figure out how to get it on!

There is a woman in my class  (you know the type- the one who gets there very early to start and to get her special spot) who always end up taking off her tank and wears just a bra and skimpy shorts. Now you have to realize where I live. In the middle of suburbia! And, I'm sorry, I don't care how fit you are, and I don't care how proud of your body you are, I don't want to be behind you. Was that mean?

It has been two weeks since I got weighed and I definitely see a change in my waist. Is it enough? Hell no! More to go! Lunch is still the meal I struggle with, because if I don't eat enough, by three I am starving. The quinoa cakes have been a lifesaver, because they do fill me up! Must make more this weekend. I just made another few lunches of chunky monkey overnight oats (really needs just a few hours). And clementines are in my grocery store- the perfect little pick me up! I found a yummy looking sweet potato recipe that I might try today if I get the rest of the ingredients. I'll let you know how it goes. Now, can someone come over and cut up my brussel sprouts. I love them and have so many delicious ways to serve them, but preparing them is a pain in my...knee!

Oh, and after two nights now of having a cat on my head, I broke down and got the nespresso machine from It won't be here for a little while, and can always be returned, but that afternoon cup of coffee that used to be optional is now crucial. Might as well make it taste out of this world.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Too tired to find a title for this blogpost

My cat has to go. Percy is my good cat and he never does stuff like this, but last night, I couldn't get him off my head. I kept moving him and he kept snuggling back up with me. Finally, I was so tired, I gave in, but my hair kept getting pulled. And then he sneezed (he has a cold) and that was that. So, I was up for a while with too many things running through my head. I could be in bed right now, trying to fall back to sleep, but instead, I am getting ready to go to step and then work for a few hours. Because I am super-motivated. Super crazy. Super tired. Super desperate. Go me! More later!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

More motivation than ever

Really! I know with Thanksgiving next week and my son home from college for a few days the food choices are going to be overwhelming and ridiculously unhealthy. Of course I want my son to have his "favorite" foods that he can't get at college, and unfortunately, some of those favorites are also mine. But, until Tuesday night, I am going to be very, very good, because I don't want all of this suffering to be for nothing. My weakness is really desserts, so if I can eat healthy the rest of the day and keep my portions (ha) controlled, I might be able to get through the 5 days. If I had a life coach, that coach would probably say get rid of "might" and change it to "will." So, it helps to have a goal and a deadline.

Nespresso is on with the best price I have ever seen for these machines. I might break down.... Here is a link

Barre class was painful as usual. In a good way. I have noticed that my left shoulder is much weaker than my right, so I'm glad we do a lot with individual weights (as opposed to Power and upright rows with the bar, where I guess I work one arm harder than the other). We really worked abs and held a contraction for what felt like forever. After, I hopped on the treadmill and ran one mile. And it was ugly and I was so out of breath. I walked for a few minutes and ran another mile. Oh good lord. And then got on the elliptical. I'm waiting to see how my knee feels, but if it is okay, then I plan to try to run again on Monday. I can't believe how difficult that was. I'm hoping that the crowd and the cold will help me forget how hard it is going to be to run.

For clothes Lululemon CRB, energy bra, black groove pants. I tried a more casual pose in that side picture, thinking it would help. Maybe a little???? I wish my Lululemon order was here already. Tracking says Tuesday. I hate to complain about free shipping, but really? A whole week to get across the country seems so slow. I would even prefer to have a minimum shipping amount to get it here faster, since most items are so expensive anyway, it would be easy to spend that amount. Time to figure out what is for lunch and make a haircut appointment. I know it is too long when it is in a ponytail and I can feel it tickling my back, or sticking to my sweaty back. Yuk.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Chanel Rose Moire

I can't tell if I love this color or hate it. At times, it looks so frosted that it reminds me of something my grandmother wore and at other times, I think it is the perfect neutral. It does seem to change colors with different light.  It went on absolutely beautifully and hasn't really chipped, unlike Accessoire. Can you tell I am a preschool teacher wearing a lovely purple bandaid for the gash on my finger that probably needed a stitch? Obviously not an English teacher with a sentence like that.

I was up half the night (definitely hormonal) and between taking my daughter to the orthodontist and working longer than I thought, I am too pooped to even think about exercising today. So much for my streak of burning massive amounts of calories (ha) each day. Tomorrow will definitely be Barre class and then I might try a mile or two on the treadmill. My daughter and I are both signed up for a Turkey trot the day after Thanksgiving. Of course, when I signed us up, we were both running and we haven't laced up running shoes in at least a month and a half. She is young and can probably wing it, but me, I'll be huffing and puffing. I know we can always walk it, but the forecast looks for a high of about 40, and that temperature is probably for 3 pm! I've always wanted to do this race because every year they run by my house. I guess I can always dash inside if I get cold or my knee starts up again. Please don't tell!

I know I said no more crops for me, but I like the looks of the Lululemon Runday crop. It will probably be way too long for me, since the inseam is 23 and the wunder under is 201/2 inches. And, it is Power Luxtreme. It seems to be selling out in a lot of sizes. Decision by indecision. That's my motto today. Those Red Valentino boots that I was drooling over are sold out in my size. Yay. 

Dinner tonight is jambalaya I made a long time ago and stuck in the freezer for just this kind of day. The kind of day where cooking anything is too much work. I was going to roast some potatoes, too, but even that seems like too much effort right now. Waiting for the coffee to kick in....waiting....waiting...!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lululemon scoop neck tank and no limits tank

After thinking that my old black scoop neck tank was still good, I thought I better try it on and make sure because it has been a little while since I have worn it and I don't know why. Yup, I still love this tank- not too much armpit and back fat with good coverage. I would definitely buy more.

I decided to wear my plum no limits tank. The bra fit a little tighter than my black version, which was just fine because I unexpectedly had to do some jumping today. I got lot of compliments on the color, which looks more vibrant in person.

In case you were wondering, and I am sure you all are, I ordered the raspberry energy bra, 105 singlet (hope I got the right size!), open your heart long sleeve and baroque CRB. I'll let you know when it gets here ( a week on the East Coast!!). I am loving this return policy since I certainly ordered more than I typically would knowing I have some flexibility. Did that make sense? 

Lululemon Upload 11/19

Ok. Here is what I am definitely buying:

Energy Bra in raspberry. But, I just have to double check that the pink bra I bought a while ago isn't too similar in color. Need to run upstairs.

Open Your Heart Long sleeve in light grey.   I don't have anything light grey, but really like the stripe reversible side better. But, does it look too much like the raspberry that I already have? Should I just get basic black, which goes with everything?

105 singlet in silver. I know I said no color, but look at the little detailing on the edges. This is not one that I can resist.  The other thing I realized about this tank is that it hangs so low in the back, it shows a lot of back fat. That is if you have it, and this model definitely doesn't. Oh, but I do. Which color.... which size? Even if I did remember to save all of my little tags, sometimes the sizing runs so different that it is useless anyway.

No limits tank in raspberry. That means I would get the 105 singlet in surge. This color is just so pretty. But, I did just buy this tank in the dark plum, although it can still be returned. What to do....

Here is what I am thinking/obsessing about:

Cool Racerback in Basic Baroque. It goes well with my no colors theme and it might be busy enough to be "camouflage" for my spare tire.

Here is what looks interesting or if I had an unlimited budget:

Practice Daily Full-on Luon Crop. I like the way this looks, but would have to see it in person.

Skinny Will in pique luon black. Definitely don't need another pair of pants, but I do think these look nice enough to wear out as "real" clothes. Unfortunately, I don't need these at all. Boo hoo.

Scoop Neck Luon in raspberry. I have my black one from a million years ago and it still fits just fine and looks perfect. I'm holding out on more colors, since it looks like I will be buying one tank in raspberry.

And one more thing... No more burnout. What is it with this fabric? Are you with me on this one? Just be short sleeve and Inner calm long sleeve. No, no, no..It snares, it is sheer, it is ridiculously overpriced.

So, what I thought was going to be a very expensive upload for me might not be so bad after all. It certainly helped to type all this up while I have my morning coffee. It is fun virtually shopping. I'll let you know what I end up doing!

I didn't get to yoga last night because there were too many things going on in my house and that means I might not be able to get there at all this week. That hasn't happened in a few months and I guess the answer is to do some stuff in my house. I do much better with someone telling me what to do. Even though I know what to do. I'll have to think on that.

Monday, November 18, 2013

20 minutes on the step mill is 19 too many

Oh, this machine is definitely my worst nightmare and even the best music ever can't make it go away. I also can't read any trashy magazines while I am on it, so I have nothing to do but think about how many minutes are left. I think one of the reasons that it is so hard is because you have to pick up your foot each and every time, as opposed to the elliptical where you don't. That is my thinking, at least. But, I could feel my heart pound and my glutes squeeze, so that was good, at least.

Here I am in Lululemon Power Y full Luon and groove crops. I sweated through all that very quickly and I need to down a lot of water today while a work, which is always a problem. Still going strong with my goal! It would be nice to see or feel some progress, but I am trying not to get discouraged.

I was so tired last night that I fell asleep halfway though Walking Dead. By the way, have you seen the alternate ending to Breaking Bad with Malcolm in the Middle? Go find it on Youtube quickly, because I think they are pulling it because it was going to be included in the extras for the Breaking Bad Dvds. That should make your Monday!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Having a lazy day after a great workout!

My kindof day! I went to Power and Kick and then spent a long time on the sofa under a blanket with a cat watching TV while reading a book. And then I got my second wind! Sortof. I cooked up more quinoa cakes, mexican chicken and more cauliflower/chickpeas. I actually used the mustard vinaigrette from the cauliflower and put it on the quinoa. Yum. I'm having a very hungry day.

I'm still working on whittling that middle. Every freaking day. I was complaining with another woman who is just a little younger than me about how hard it is to lose weight now. I just have to realize that it will take a while and remind myself about that number on the scale- no matter how thin I may think myself, that number has to go down. And then down some more. So, when I used to think I was done at the gym, extra cardio. And weights three times a week- no more two times! I think that means more time on the Step Mill. Have you used that machine? I can barely squeak out 15 minutes. Worst. Machine. Ever.

I'm embarrassed to say that I was in Lululemon ( a different one) again last night (too many mall trips) and returned the pure balance sweater. The woman, oops, I mean educator, said they sold out of that sweater really quickly. I was hoping for a smaller size to try on, but I'll take it as a sign that it wasn't meant to be. I also returned the open your heart long sleeve in purple. I tried it on and it was so long on me. I took out my tape measure and compared the pink to purple and there was a huge difference. I was getting all worked up and then realized that they were different sizes. Somehow, the pink is two sizes down from what I would normally wear. Huh. If it comes out in a different, brighter color, now I know what to do.

I had some extra time and went into Neiman Marcus (needless markup) and bought a pair of AG jeans. They fit so well that I went home and found another pair in another color!  (ebates and so I could save some money. When did denim get to ridiculously expensive?) They were skinny but not too skinny. They don't look like mom jeans and they don't look like my daughter's. I think the style was prima denim skinny. And I saw online today, at,  a pair of red valentino lace up booties with a bow. Oh my. They are at Saks. It sure is fun to "shop." I have drool running down my chin. I'm going to walk away from the computer before I hit enter and purchase those babies.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Another lululemon store trip

I'm so glad that the holiday return policy is in effect! I'm not sure what to do! I probably shouldn't do any of this!

We went out for sushi last night, which was so delicious. What a treat!  In fact, it was my treat meal. I have been doing amazing, if I do say so myself, for 6 days with my fitness (the easy part) and my food (the struggle is real), and now I can keep going for another 6 days. Unfortunately yesterday I worked for 5 hours and didn't get to the gym, but my legs really, really, really needed a rest. I'm sure tabata today will be killer.

So the point of all this was that we stopped at the Lululemon store so I could see in person the items that have been in my cart all week.

Open Your heart Long sleeve. I wore this to work yesterday and it was so warm, I was actually sweating. That never happens to me, since I'm always the cold one, so I bought the purple last night. I don't love the color, I think it is a little dull, so I'm not cutting the tags off, but I do love the shirt. I didn't try it on and when I held it up to me at home last night it seemed super long, so I better try it on. I hope the sizing is consistent!

Base Runner pant. I ended up with this in all black. It was super comfortable, and perfect for work and "around." Also, the black looked dressy enough to wear out. I have to try it on again, though, because it was a lot of money for hanging around. I didn't find it compressive at all, because it is rulu, so I tried very hard not to look at my backside! Maybe it could go over shorts? I'll have to experiment a little.

Gather and grow full on luon. These just didn't do it for me. I have tried these on many times and between the calf and the little gathering at the back, it was an easy pass. Especially since my groove crops from so many years ago are still doing fine (have you heard that enough yet?). The material was thicker, so that was an improvement, but I just didn't love them enough to convince myself that I need them.

Yeah Yoga Crop. My daughter and I looked at those and decided there was too much going on.

Scoop Neck Tank Luon.  I tried it on for size and feel and it feels almost as good as my old, old ones. If it comes in other colors (dark, camouflaging colors), I would definitely purchase.

Push Ur Limits Tank. I decided that I don't love tanks that are Luxtreme. I'm not sure why. Plus, no tanks for me until I lose this extra tire. This was okay. I liked the back and the support.

Pure Balance Sweater.  Almost forgot! My daughter tried this on in grey and it looked fabulous on her (no boobs?). We ended up getting it in a 6, to share (ha), but I still think it might be better in a 4. I'm on the fence here. She loved the grey and it looked super on her, but on me all I could see was big and boxy. At least in black, it isn't so noticeable. I think. I'm not sure about this one. She practically fell over for the fabric, though!

I'm so glad I don't have to make a decision within the two week period. Too much pressure!

By the way, my nails chipped at work. The Julep Topcoat is going right in the trash. What a waste of 100 Sephora points. Sally Hansen is better and a whole lot cheaper! Anyone have a topcoat they can recommend?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Lululemon Long Sleeve Open Your Heat

and of course my old, old, groove pants (it is cold now!) How cozy is this? I love the length, and it is a little bit stretchy (the "educator" in the store told me, and I agree). This is the size down and it is just fine. I think I will end up getting another color. Which one, though....

Chanel Accessoire and Julep Polymer TopCoat

My experiment was an epic fail! Chanel chipped just as quickly as Essie. I don't want to use a gel, because my nails just recovered from years of acrylics, and I'm trying to save some money and do it myself (so I can spend it on Lululemon. ha!) They can put a man on the moon, but why can't they make a nail polish that lasts! Is it all a trick to make you use more and then buy more? Hmmmm. Does anyone have a brand that they can recommend? Since it seems that they all are pretty awful, I will stick to my gorgeous Chanel.

Last night I went over the tips with another coat of Chanel Accessoire and then used Julep Freedom Polymer as a topcoat. I got this with some Sephora points. After I put it on and waited for it to dry, I sat on my sofa and looked up instructions and reviews. It got the worst reviews ever! Plus, I was supposed to sit under a lightbulb for a few minutes to cure it. Hello? I switched over to all those energy saving light bulbs that barely produce any heat, let alone any light! I must say, my nails seem rock hard right now. I'm off to 5 hours of work, which means another zillion times that I must wash my hands. I'm ready for experiment number two. Bring it on!
Last night, I went to Michaels to get some materials for a project I found on Pinterest. I'm so excited to start it this weekend. I also ran in to Marshalls, and found 3 more of my daughter's Bliss facial wash, so I scooped those up. The reason I bring all this up, in my roundabout way, is that I also use gloves to wash dishes. Gloves that I buy guessed it....Marshalls or TJMaxx! They are not those basic yellow playtex gloves that your grandmother used. These are fancy enough, that they are left out on my sink. I think they cost $3-4.

No gym for me today, unless you count 5 hours of being on my feet keeping an eye on 4-5 year olds. That is enough of a workout, don't you think?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday: Barre, lots of coffee or maybe a caffeine pill?

I just read about the Biggest Loser and that Jillian Michaels gave her team caffeine pills. Frankly, I rather drink the hot coffee (I've cut down on the amount of sugar/cream that I put in), but that begs the question: is that something we all should consider in our weightloss journey? I do know that caffeine is in my Gu chomps. Did she give more than what is in some of those? I also know that studies have shown that caffeine can enhance performance and make the workout effort seem easier. So, did she give them caffeine only to push her team when they exercise or did she think it would also help burn calories as a stimulant? Everyone is looking for a quick fix, because let us be honest here, losing weight is hard work and to do it correctly, it takes a long time. I think the Biggest Loser producers were correct to penalize her team since it was against the rules and now everyone is talking about it and thinking about it (although IMO it should really be just Jillian who is penalized but I guess they can't do that. No one on her team is going to say no to her when she starts that yelling in your face business. I really don't like her, but a lot of people respond to that, I guess. Bob is my guy. And so is Dolvett.) Just so you know, I write this while I drink my coffee! Today is definitely a two-cup day. Lately, I have been waking up to go to the bathroom and just can't get back to sleep. 

I'm still sore from my Tuesday workout, but I went to Barre anyway. Those pathetic 3 lb weights felt  like 30 lb. Then I did 15 minutes on step mill, which is the hardest machine in the gym. That was all I could handle and I was huffing and puffing. Then I did 15 on the elliptical, which was easy by comparison. I know I have to go in to work tomorrow, so no exercise. I could use a rest day. since I think my whole body is sore and tired. In fact, the idea of taking a shower seems daunting!

I wore my Lululemon first base tank, energy bra and wunder unders. I am definitely going to order the gather and grown in full on Luon. I feel so hippy in these crops, but I love them anyway.