Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last post of 2013! Happy New Year!

Oh! How can this be? It feels like last New Year's Eve was just yesterday! I'm not ready to start writing 2013! And I am definitely not ready for all the weight loss and fitness commercials that are going to be airing nonstop.

I'm off to the gym and I am guessing it is going to be brutal. Yesterday was a lazy day (it took a long time to get rid of that headache) and it was spent on my couch reading and watching Blacklist. I'm only on episode 2, but except for it feeling a little bit like Silence of the Lambs, I like it. Remember when James Spader was in Pretty in Pink? Anyway, it will feel good to get moving and sweating! Yeah, that is me psyching myself up a little bit!

I have pictures of me in my Lululemon energy bra, black ruffled CRB and groove crops, but I took one look at the photos and immediately changed into something a little looser. I just couldn't do it. So, I'm in an old Lulu tank that I'm sure you have seen plenty in photos. That is why the Track tee looks appealing- it doesn't seem to be tight like a bathing suit!

So far, I have been eating very well. Is that stomach gone yet? It definitely pays to have lunches already made for the times that I get hungry and lazy. I have a new snack sitting in my fridge that I found in that same issue of Self, so I will let you know if it is any good. My kids have been busy eating with friends so I haven't had to cook gigantic meals that are going to throw me off. We are going out to eat tomorrow, and I am so looking forward to it. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

My Public Service Announcement/New Year's Resolution

I come from a family of doctors, so every time I go to the doctor, I know what to look for and what to ask for. But, I think as I get older and more "issues" are starting, I wanted to share with you my experiences of late and what I am doing now to be more proactive. Yes, I am going to sound a little like Dr. Oz, but here is the thing, this is a doctor that I see every two years, if I am lucky, and she doesn't really "know me," so really it is up to ME to know these things. Don't even get me started on health insurance companies.

The reason this is coming up now is that I had my blood pressure checked a few weeks ago and it was very high and I panicked of course, and then I asked my family what was up and they immediately said, "Drop 5 pounds and cut out the salt." Then I remembered my salty lunch- roasted broccoli with olives. So, when I was visiting my family last week, I had my brother doctor check it again and it was normal. By the way, it is easier to cut out the salt!

The first thing I would say is that it important to know your numbers.  I have a folder with all of my lab results so I can compare from one year to the next and see what is different. Yup, cholesterol is slowly going up. When you go to the doctor, make sure you bring these numbers, or at least be familiar with them, so you can tell immediately what is right for you. My doctor took my blood pressure three times because I kept saying that this wasn't my normal. She may have done this on her own, but why risk it.

The other thing you must know is your family health history. Most of the questions that my doctor asked me pertained to my family's health history. The guidelines are changing and if you are borderline in some tests, but have a history of heart disease or high blood pressure for example, that makes a big difference in treatment.

Also, this may seem very obvious, but if you have questions, write them down and bring them to your visit. I tend to get flustered and anxious to leave, so I could easily get home and realize that I didn't voice any of my concerns.

The last thing is to not be afraid to be a pain in the you know what or find another doctor. When I had bloodwork two years ago, my cholesterol was borderline. I received a lovely note from the doctor's office advising me to exercise more and eat a healthy diet. Hello? Do you even know me? Apparently not, since I was already doing these things. After discussing this with my brother, he told me that his numbers were worse than mine (and he is younger than me), which I did not know, and that my father has even worse numbers. So, all of that combined made a big difference in my treatment.

So, as far as New Year's resolutions go, I'm sure we all have the healthy eating, exercising more, lose 5 lbs, blah blah blah, goals. I think being familiar with your own health history and learning to be an advocate for yourself is my number one resolution. What do you think? You deserve it right? Join me!

Have you taken the dialect quiz yet?

Here is the link. You will be the life of the New Year's party! And you can be one of the cool kids, since everyone is doing it!


It was very fun and very accurate for everyone I know!

Lunch for the week and Lululemon upload 12/30

I saw this recipe in the latest issue of Self magazine and only changed it a little based on the vegetables that I had in my fridge. I roasted cauliflower, fingerling potatoes and butternut squash (yes, I am queen of roasting vegetables) and then just added in chicken sausages. It was so easy and I think I will be eating it until next year (literally). Next time I will add in roasted red onions and broccoli. Very easy and very yummy! Instead of salt, I sprinkled some pecorino romano on top.

I didn't see too much in the latest Lululemon upload that I absolutely had to have and that is a good thing because I have spent a lot this past month! I think I am holding out for some every yogi tees and that is it!

I love the striped baroque blue CRB, but certainly don't need another CRB, especially one with stripe.

I thought the Track Tee looked interesting, although it looks like every other silverescent top and it is something that has to be tried on in the store because it could be very baggy. You know, there is a fine line between baggy and maternity. This baroque blue color looks very pretty though and would love to get something in that color.

I'm not sure what my exercise plans are for the day. I had to have blood drawn this morning, since it has been a while since I have had fasting bloodwork, and I have a headache now. What is up with that? Besides me being a big baby? Plus, I think I am without a car today, so....? 

Have a great day! 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Back from vacation and back to reality

I am back from a lovely week in sunny, hot (for the most part) Florida where I slept late and slept well!  Where the biggest decision I had to make all week was where to have dinner. That is the life! And you know what I wore almost every night, since everywhere is air conditioned? My Lululemon black passage sweater. It was perfect! I also wore a ton of my Jcrew clothes and my AG primo leggings, so I am very happy with my purchases.

I did manage to exercise while I was away. After all, if I am eating out every night, there has to be a little bit of physical activity, even on vacation. Plus, I think I would go stir crazy if I didn't. There is a wonderful 3.2 mile loop that I walked the first morning. Actually, it was afternoon and it was so hot and sticky my daughter and I were miserable. I wore my shake and bake shorts and blinded everyone I met with my white legs. I did manage to run one mile another day and then two miles another day. Yikes, was that awful.

So, after this hot flash finishes (some things don't change), I'm going to head over to group kick! I'm wearing my Lululemon Wunder unders and an old 105 tank and energy bra of course (this tank isn't so long in the back that my whole bra and back is exposed- this one I love). Ok, the stomach has to go. The cat can stay.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lululemon Scuba Hoodies on sale for $58

Wow! What a nice surprise!

 Not too many left but what a great deal! Go check it out! Of course the one that I would have bought is gone, but the bow special edition is still there!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sorry, folks, I don't care if this is true!

I have to be able to complain to someone! It is bad enough my kids tune me out! Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Best news ever! Scrunchies are back!

Yup. According to the DailyMail,  "The scrunchie revival even took to the runway during London Fashion Week at Ashish's spring/summer 2013 show, with models previewing artfully messy top knots secured in place with white, black and gold scrunchies." Marc Jacobs has some for about $32, while Missoni will sell one for about $95. I also read that Rag and Bone used scrunchies during their runway show recently.  My CVS was having a scuunci sale, so I got a few for just $5. I must admit, I love a scrunchie. I'm happy! Will you break down and wear one? If nothing else, I like sleeping with a high pony and a scrunchie  and then in the morning, when I take it out, my hair has lots of oomph! 

Monday, December 23, 2013

So, which is worse? Bras or denim?

I'm not even going to bring bathing suits into this discussion.

Ugh. Recently, I looked at my bra and was shocked. I can't even remember the last time I bought a bra and mine looked pretty ratty. How did this happen? No, I do not get dressed with my eyes closed. How many people are looking at my bra? Not the issue. My grandmother always said to wear clean underwear (I think her reasoning was in case you are in an accident) and that includes bras. Plus, proper undergarments really can make or break an outfit. I think Tim Gunn from Project Runway is always saying that.

So, I went to my favorite store (not Tj Maxx and not Lululemon), but Nordstrom. Not only do they measure you to make sure you are the right size, they will bring you a lot of bras to try on and they have a ton to choose from. There is nothing worse than finding a bra you might like but having to try a different size and that means getting dressed and then undressed and if you are like me, you can't remember where you found that bra. Nordstroms really made a pretty dreadful experience as positive as it could be. I walked out with two new bras. I stayed with the brand I have always worn, Natori, but just a different style. Oh happy day!

So, ladies, I ask you, when was the last time you replaced your bra? Is it time? Do you like to go to a store or do you order online? I have had a lot of success with BareNecessities.com. Every once in a while I can find good bras at TJ Maxx, but it has been a while since I have seen bras there that I like (they seem to carry a lot of Calvin Klein, Warners, Maidenform and Elle McPherson).

And here is some bra humor, thanks to, of course, Pinterest. You know it is true!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Headline: from Shefinds.com

Molly Sims Just Jumped On The NYDJ Bandwagon And We’ll Probably Be Next

Actually, I think I will be the next one. Although I finally found jeans that work, it is nice to know this "option" is out there. What do you think? Yay or nay?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Trying jeans on is like trying bras on

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I found a pair of skinny jeans that I absolutely loved. I tried them on at Neiman Marcus (needless markup) and immediately came home and bought them online at Piperlime in a different color. The jeans are AG Prima mid-rise cigarette. They have a little stretch and a high enough rise that I don't feel like everything is hanging out. I bought them in black and a dark denim. Love! So, then I thought to myself, that this pair fits so well, I should try on other jeans by AG. I even went on the website and looked for other high rise or mid rise jeans and I think I tried on probably 10 different pairs. Guess what. Not one pair fit as well. I can't believe you didn't hear me laughing from wherever you are. Some I couldn't even get over my thighs. Some I couldn't even button. Some fit okay, but not great. I think I had my own workout just trying these jeans on. My credit card also got a huge workout. Buy, return, buy, return, return, return.

By the way, revolvecothing.com is amazing. They ship quickly and issue returns very quickly . Piperlime also ships quickly and they have different selections. They both have free shipping and free returns. I also ordered from ruelala.com and hautelook.com because they both had AG jeans boutiques.

Of course, my legs are not long like this picture, so there is some gathering at the bottom. And I don't wear these with heels (I did wear them with my new Rag and Bone Harrow booties though).

When I was in Nordstrom rack to return my AG jeans (my Hautelook.com order), I think I tried on a zillion Joe's jeans, and nothing fit right either. Same story, some too tight, some too low, some not going up over my thighs. And then last week I got an email from Piperlime that everything was 40% off and  that was just too good to ignore. I went and ordered a pair of high rise flare Joe's jeans. This is a brand that I used to wear and I don't know why I stopped, because these are amazing! I think they might stretch out a little too much after they are worn, but that is okay. I had to go up a size in this pair, but I might have been able to stay at my regular size, since these seem to have a lot of stretch.

So the moral of this story is, once you find a pair of jeans that fit, go buy them in every color!  And, you might have to size up because different jeans, even though they were made by the same line, are cut so differently.  I had to be flexible with my sizing, which is very hard for me! I also had a difficult time because so many jeans are low rise, and I am too old and too curvy to wear that anymore. Plus, I really don't want to look like my daughter! My mom, who is in her 70s, wears Not Your Daughter's Jeans, so that brand is out. It is hard to find a good brand for someone who is in their late 40s! I think I am "in between." 

Friday, December 20, 2013

"Add power if you can!"

Uh, nope. I can't today. I really wish I could jump that knee, but it just isn't happening. I did last week, so I know I can. I just can't do it today. And how can there be a half hour left of this class? That was the dialog running through my head this morning.

Step was so awful this morning. Again, I didn't sleep well (hello 3:30 am. what's new?) and I was incredibly sore from yesterday's tabata. I just couldn't get myself to move. In fact, I came home and got back into bed and slept for a half hour. Now that is really messed up.

I wore my old, old, old Lululemon scoop neck tank and groove crops. It is warm today (45) and for some reason, the heat is still going on in the gym, so I was ready to sweat. Even with that Bangbuster, I had sweat dripping down my face. I decided not to buy any brisk bloom tops because they look a little too similar to this pattern. I like this one a little better, because it seems softer to me. Plus, I spent a lot of money this past month. Although I think I returned a lot, too.

Anyway, I had a manicure and pedicure yesterday and this is what they used on my dry, splitting, weak nails. I miss my acrylic nails!! No, those are not my fingers. There are a lot of great reviews for this on amazon. Have you ever heard of it?

Since I live in the northeast, I usually get a pedicure when I go away on vacation or in the beginning of the summer. The rest of the time, I do it myself. But, my feet really take a pounding, as I'm sure yours do too if you exercise a lot, and I am thinking that a pedicure is going to become more of a necessity than a luxury. It helps get rid of calluses and ingrown nails. Plus, it feels so damn good! Any other reasons that you can come up with that will help me rationalize this are much appreciated!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tabata and Lululemon beautiful baroque CRB

I finally bit the bullet and cut the tags off the beautiful baroque CRB that I bought ages ago. I love this tank! It is dark enough and the pattern is busy enough to camouflage some bulges (at least in my opinion) and the fit isn't super tight. I also wore my energy bra and groove crops. 

Tabata was super fun. I like to be challenged and I like when things are all switched up. Today was both, because there was a different instructor and the class was so different. Just as hard, though, and after the warmup, I was a little nervous that I couldn't make it through the class! I couldn't even drink water because I thought it was going to come right up. I was planning to go to Power tomorrow, but she isolated biceps and triceps and I don't think I am going to be able to lift my arms up to wash my hair. 

So what happened to the Lululemon upload today? There were two, I think, new items? That's okay, because I don't want to buy anymore! 

Okay, these two are so funny and just perfect for how I feel today. I don't post too many motivational quotes, do I? Just ones that I can totally commiserate about!

By the way, I'm selling my wunder under parallel stripe crops on Ebay. My daughter looked at them and just laughed. Oh well. Have a good one!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

wunder under parallel stripe crops

Yay or Nay?
Of course, I am wearing it with an old james perse tee. I must say, these are very, very comfortable.

The mall was my workout today

Actually, it was the traffic and the snow. I think between the snow and Christmas next week, everyone has turned into a horrible driver. Of course, the snow makes the streets narrower and the piles along the side make it harder to see and harder to navigate, but still! This is New England. And it is not our first snowstorm.  When I got to the Nordstrom's parking lot, I just had to laugh. I guess when people pulled in this morning, they couldn't find the white lines to delineate parking spots, so they just made their own. There were literally cars parked three deep and I have no idea how the cars in the middle were getting out. And then other cars "pretended" they couldn't see the double lines marking where it was illegal to park. Ha. Oh well. I found a spot and went in to do my errands. 

Burberry, I love you, and I hope to see my coat before it is spring. I could have bought a lot of things in there....The customer service was so fabulous, I thought the gentleman helping me was going to give me his home phone number, he was so helpful. Good customer service is a pleasure.

Lululemon. I got the parallel stripe wunder under crops. I am going to try them on later. Look out ebay, because I'm not sure I have the guts to wear them. I returned the striped swiftly and pique crops (I am sad about that one). I had to be in and out, so I didn't get to look at much. Plus, I know if I look, then I buy. I really only want energy bras, and I don't love the brisk bloom. I would love the parallel stripe in an energy bra, though. 

J. Crew. I have been hitting the jackpot at this store lately. It is funny how sometimes that happens. I walked out with three tops. 

I wish I could wear sweaters... they had some fabulous ones.... but I just sweat and sweat in them. The bottom one is half sweatshirt (blue) and half sweater material. Perfect for me. I have to spend a little time online, because they have a lot more selection than in the stores.

By the way, you won't be seeing any grilling recipes from me for a while. Why? 

It is clean out the fridge night. We have to eat these leftovers: pesto meatloaf, potato skins, southwestern egg rolls, potato soup, and jambalaya. Yes, I guess we do eat pretty well in this house. Leave a comment if you want any recipes. Everything except for the jambalaya is easy (we like to pretend we are with my son in New Orleans).

The snowplows woke me up at 5 this morning, so it is time for me to have my Nespresso and chill on the sofa for a while. Have a great day and be careful with those crazy drivers.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This is what drives me nuts about Lululemon

Look, you know I love you, Lululemon, but sometimes you are so frustrating! 

I just tried on the wunder under black pique crops in 6 again, and then I decided to lay them out against a pair of wunder under BLACK crops that I ordered a few weeks ago. Look at the difference! This is all about quality control. If an item is running small due to a change in fabric, then resize the whole damn thing! I would have ordered a size up if I knew that, and now the item is gone! So a sale has been lost because of this. And I am going to return it to a store, since one is close enough to me and then the credit goes on my card almost immediately. There were no reviews on the website when I ordered it, because it was new, so how was I supposed to know? I shouldn't have to do this. Argh. I better go to the gym and work out these aggressions. But, honestly, how long does this go on for? Can you tell I am pissed? 

It's -2 and going to snow again and I am going to the gym!

Dammit Patrice!
Enough with winter (even though it technically isn't even winter yet)! We just got my daughter's side of the driveway down to pavement and here comes 6 inches of snow. 

Thoughts on the latest Lululemon upload 12/17? 

Brisk Bloom Scoop Neck tank: If I didn't have this in a similar pattern (I think I have posted a photo of it here at some point- don't know the name of it), I would get this, but I think I would have to cherry pick the tops, since a big flower might go you know where!  Still a favorite tank of mine.

Open Your Heart Long Sleeve in Heathered black stripe: I live in this top and would love another. The photo here looks a lot darker than the photo online, so I don't think this is the actual color. Plus it is reversible to a black and white stripes. So cozy and warm! Yes! Cha-ching.

Wunder Under Pant in coco pique. I actually saw this in my store a while ago and should have picked it up. Can I actually wear it to the gym? I don't know....

Wunder under crop parallel stripe. Already sold out in my size anyway, but I think I would be too self conscious to wear it to the gym. Wow, did that go fast. I'm getting a little dizzy looking at it, though.

Energy bra in brisk bloom. Since this is only going to peak through some tanks, I guess picking the perfect pattern isn't so important. I used the back photo to say WTF (and I don't mean why the face) is that striped strap doing there? I thought it was a mistake and then I read the description and it is not. Okay, then.  

And I think that it is it for me. I would really only purchase the Open your heart long sleeve, since I have spent so much lately. I don't think I'll make it to the mall today due to the weather, but definitely tomorrow! Although you have all seen what happens when I make plans. Go with the flow, baby, go with the flow.

By the way, do you take vitamins? I just read that according to one study, it is a total waste of time and money, and "enough is enough." Hmmm. I barely get enough calcium, so is that a waste of time? I don't see the sun all winter, so I should stop Vitamin D? I find it hard to believe that everyone eats a well balanced diet and gets all of the vitamins and nutrients that they need. I think the study involved physicians over age 65, who are probably pretty healthy anyway. But, you never know, who is sponsoring this study? Who is saying it is baloney (vitamin makers?). You know that just means there will be another study that will contradict this one. And then another one that will contradict that one. What are your thoughts? Does this study frustrate you or make you smile? 

I'm going to go try on the pique crops AGAIN and I'll post some more photos. Must go do errands before the snow starts.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Remember what I said about those plans?

Ha. I went to work instead. I was absolutely unconscious when my phone rang at 645. So instead, my workout today consisted of standing for almost 4 1/2 hours (funny how you get used to that) and playing referee for a lot of four years olds who have cabin fever and holiday craziness. I am wiped! Like a good spin class!

I exchanged my grey Lululemon passage sweater for a black one and I am so glad I did. It still does that strange thing with the armpits, but it isn't noticeable due to the color. I really like this sweater! I'm still on the fence about the striped swiftly and the pique crops, but I will try them on again tomorrow and make a decision. I had hoped to avoid all mall trips until after Christmas, but I must get my coat back to Burberry, now that it has been cleaned, so I'll be heading that way after all. Of course, it is supposed to snow AGAIN, so we will see.....

Tonight's dinner is our favorite, Turkey meatballs. I can't go too long without making this. It is easy and so delicious, and I can make it now, while I have a little bit of energy. I am so impressed with anyone who can go to work and then make it to the gym and then come home and function. It is one or the other for me, although often my work keeps me active, so I like to pretend that it is the same.

So question of the day. How old is too old to wear the Lululemon striped wunder under crops that are hopefully being released today? ! I'm really curious what your thoughts are! Let me know!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Shoveling snow in my pjs

Actually, just "cleaning up" the driveway - our plow guy did a pretty good job- and digging out steps to the mailbox.  More salt got put down, too, because it is about 15 degrees out, without the wind chill.  I think we got about 8 inches last night. The roads were fine by 12 and we could have gone out....but we didn't. The idea of heading to a store now just terrifies me. Anything we need can wait until after Christmas craziness.

We are both in our pjs, having a lazy day, getting ready to watch a movie. After watching The Little Mermaid last night (my daughter begged and begged. Yes, she is almost 17) today I voted for Looper or Zero Dark Thirty. We wouldn't all of our braincells to shrivel up and die, right? Actually, she was doing homework and I was reading "King and Maxwell" by David Baldacii, which kept me going all day. It has been many, many years since I watched Ariel and Prince Eric and those old Disney movies were good! Have I sunk to a new low?

And although I was in pjs, I also had on high Ugg boots, long North Face coat, hat and mittens, so the only part of pjs that anyone could see was about 5 inches of my legs. I just couldn't leave you with that visual.

Tomorrow, off to the gym and back to the grind!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Late party + late morning = no gym

That is the extent of my math skills anymore. Thank you iPhone app.

I hosted my work party last night and didn't get to bed until super late, and surprise, surprise, I slept until 10 am this morning. Wow. I am usually asleep by 10 the latest. That means I slept through every gym class I usually go to on Saturdays. Oops. I'm not sure what I am going to do today. I have a bunch of errands that must get done today since tomorrow we will surely be snowed in for most of the day. I have slept the day away.

So, I assume mostly everyone who reads this blog is aware of how to be healthy and what they need to do to make smart choices. Information is everywhere and there is all sorts of advice available. If you are seeking  motivation, I suggest Pinterest. There are blogs, instagram, books and magazines for every subject imaginable. Seek and ye shall find. If not, this sums it all up!

I am not going to give advice, but I will share with you some things that work for me, so you can see that the "struggle is real," as my daughter would say. This blog is really about highlighting my daily challenges about making those choices. I do think that everyone has good days and bad days, and maybe you won't be so hard on yourself when you see that I do too. Often, there are a lot of good days in a row, and then bam, your air conditioner breaks and you need $3500 to fix it. You might commiserate with me because we are going through the same challenges, although I hope your central air doesn't break down. What might you see on this blog? A recipe that I love. I enjoy cooking and am always looking for new recipes that are easy and tasty.  Or I might write about a quick pick-me-up: new makeup or a nail polish that stays on and looks good (still searching for the stay on part).  I will definitely write about an exercise that makes me feel sore the next day or when a workout seems very difficult. I am kindof obsessed with Lululemon. I am a strong believer that when you look good in your workout clothes, or any clothes for that matter, and I don't mean by being a size 2, you feel good. I might even write about skipping a workout. You will certainly hear about my teenage daughter and son at college. And really anything else that is keeping me up at night or has struck my fancy.

Sometimes I read other blogs and everyone is so perfect and they just went for an hour run and cooked the perfect meal and that person feels super all the time. Wow. I am so glad that you can do all that. But, that is not me and I am not able to do that! Life often gets in the way of the best made plans (getting older, work, a foot of snow tomorrow, a cable repairman that is scheduled to come between 8am -8pm, having to stay awake until your teenage daughter comes home)! Although I don't think the getting older part is going away! Ha. You have to handle those ups and downs and as a mother, I know that my children come first. Sorry, it is true. I only have my daughter for another year and a half, until she is away at college. Teenage years are the worst, and I am here to nag, confide in, and nurture her. Oops, sidetracked there for a second. So, on that note...

Well, the coffee has kicked in and it is time to start my day. Go annoy my daughter while she is on the phone, watching TV. Get ready for cup number two. Put some clothes on and fight the crowds at the food store.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Pinterest?

I've gotten a lot of recipes from Pinterest. And home decorating ideas. And tons of curriculum ideas (probably the best resource for teachers). What I am loving the most right now is the humor.  Here is today's laugh. 

At least I hope you are laughing.

By the way, my hardware store was almost out of salt! What did I tell you. Although now the snow amounts are more like 8-12 inches, so I get it. Must go to the food store tomorrow and stock up on everything. NOT! 

"High knees" make me want to cry

I made to an early step class, and sweat through my Lululemon bangbuster. (Autocorrect always wants to make that into gangbuster, which makes me smile.) By the last song, I was sufficiently worn out, so that makes me feel good. Even though at the time I felt bad. Does that make sense?

It looks like I will be snowed in on Sunday morning, so no kick or power. Tomorrow might have to be a killer workout day. Maybe. Oh, to be five years old again, when snow means fun and not money to have my driveway shoveled and worry about my teenager driving in the snow and having to reschedule missed plans. But my daughter and I can watch some movies together!

I received my latest Lululemon order and I just don't know what to do. Luckily I have a little time to decide. These are the black pique wunder under crops that I ordered last Friday, I think. I love the pattern and they are dark enough to look black, until you are up close. I think they might run a little small though. Does anyone out there have these and think that? Please say yes. I thought it was opaque enough, and it is not my skin showing through here, but the pattern. It is next to my black groove crops so you can see the difference.

I also got the long sleeve black swiftly black stripe and while it is gorgeous, it is very, very tight in the arms. I held it up to a long sleeve blue one I have, and the fit looks pretty similar. I know a lot of times when Lululemon sometimes makes a change, the fit totally changes (drives me NUTS). I know I swore of swiftly tops. I feel like I am wearing a corset, everything is tight and then boom, skin is exploding over my bra top. I have this on top of a CRB. I think it might just accentuate everything a little too much. I'm afraid this might have to go back.

Off to buy more salt for the driveway. Did you take my advice and invest in this stock yet? 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Barre and a quick, I mean slow, run

I got to the gym ready for Barre, and I was 10 minutes early, so I ran a fast (for me) half mile and then took my class. My left arm is so much weaker than my right. And why is it easier to do 8-12 reps of overhead press with 12 lbs than hold a 3 lb in that position for 30 seconds? Ouch. After, I did another mile on the treadmill. I was a little curious how my knee would feel and didn't want to push it, so I stopped after that. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it. Today I wore old Lululemon groove pants, energy bra, and black ruffle CRB. And, my Uturn pullover from last year, because, baby it's cold outside!

The newest Lululemon upload didn't do a lot for me, and that is good, because my bills this month have been ridiculous! A few things have really caught my eye, though. I love the patchwork quilt waistband on the run inspire II! And I would love some energy bras in the new patterns. The weekend warrior bag looks great, but I would need a really super pattern to buy this, and I don't really need a new bag. Thankfully, that is it! 

My daughter didn't love the squash, black bean, onion and avocado quesadilla that I made Monday night, but tonight's dinner is the best and I know I have mentioned it here before: southwestern egg rolls. Oh, I can't make it before lunch because I will end up eating them all day long! I'm having leftover pesto turkey meatloaf for lunch (super easy and delicious ) and my snack, in about 30 seconds, will be Fage greek yogurt with cherry! It is like having a cherry pie for a snack. My stomach is rumbling! Must go now :)