Saturday, June 1, 2013

I get a kick out of group kick and Lululemon clam diggers

What a corny name for a post, but it is going to be another hot and steamy day here and when I went to turn my central air conditioning on nothing happened. The earliest I can get service is sometime next week and according to the repairman, everyone in the area is having air conditioner problems. Of course. My cats are ragdolls and have long fur, and it is so humid, I swear one of them has a good frizz going on. It was a very uncomfortable night sleeping and I am very tired. Hence, the very uncreative post title.

But, I am still going to the gym!  Every Saturday I take a Group Kick class (part of the Body Training System) and just love it. First, it really feels good to air punch and kick and I get all of my frustrations out (two teenagers, remember?). You don't have to be coordinated at all. Also, it is a totally killer class. It NEVER gets easy and it is a complete body workout. For example, there is a ton of core work before we even hit the floor for abs. Your arms are moving/punching the whole time, so your shoulders get fatigued. Every front kick or side kick or roundhouse kick is like a crunch, in addition to legs. Also, the music is great, which is a great motivator for me. The last reason I go every week is that there is a group of women who take the class with me who will ask "Where the bleep were you?" It is nice to be held accountable and I know I better have a really good excuse . So for today, all of those above reasons will push me to work out even though I am too tired to go kick.

Just getting dressed is really a workout in this heat, but I decided to wear a very old pair of Lululemon clam diggers. I know there are new ones out in stores and I am tempted, but I already have these in grey and black. Mine have a drawstring waistband, which makes the waist a little bulky,  and I know the new ones don't. I love them since they have pockets (deep enough to put my iphone in) and being 5'1, they hit me just right. Lululemon energy bra and plain old black cool racerback.

Boy, seeing this side view makes me want to kick extra hard!

My question to you is how old is too old to wear not-black crops or pants to the gym? Lululemon has some great colors out and I am so tempted, but then I remind myself how old I am and stop. The power purple clam diggers look fun. I can't imagine wearing the white ones. I have a pair of the In the Flow crops in black and really like them. I am considering the inkwell. I did try the power purple on in the store but didn't buy them because I was also worried about sweat and thought it was a little much. Off to get happy!