Monday, June 10, 2013

Still recovering from Tabata. BB Creams. What to eat when there is nothing to eat.

At the end of each round at Tabata, if you are doing it correctly, your body should just want to stop on its own. One more pushup? Not in this lifetime. Twenty seconds doesn't sound very long at all, but by the end of a round, it might as well be 20 years.  As I was lying in bed at 6 am this morning thinking about getting out of bed, I realized that my body was sore and maybe I could just lay there and play on my phone and be very happy. I think my body had stopped. It was totally mind over matter to get out of bed. That, and the lure of coffee. And I had to be at work. But as I lay there I realized that it was a great workout :)  It was a different instructor and she did only body weight exercises. One that particularly killed me was the last round and she called it frog jumps. To do it you start in a wide squat and squat down even further to touch the ground in front of you, then jump forward and land in another squat. As you are jumping, raise your hands up in the air. Jump back and forth. Up and down. Over and over. Let's just go ahead and kill those quads and glutes. All in all, a very good time.

It was graduation weekend and I ate a lot and didn't get to the food store at all, which is so not like me. So tonight for dinner we are having turkey tacos. All I really do is sauté some onions and garlic and then add ground turkey. After it is no longer pink, I add some chili powder, garlic powder and taco sauce. I have  more taco sauce, shredded cheese, avocados and tomatoes available. Depending on our mood, and what's available in the house, we eat it over nacho chips or flax tortillas. As a side, I have a Goya rice. Easy peasy and everyone loves it.

Since I was so tired this morning and had a little extra time, I put on BB cream. I have two that I really like. The one on the left is Dr. Jart and I love it because it is a little dewy. Perfect for summer. The one on the right is Bobbi Brown, and it is a little yellower, but blends in perfectly, and evens out my skin tone. They both have SPF, although Dr. Jart is 45. I don't feel like I look overly made up when I wear BB cream, so I tend to wear them more often than not. As I get older, my skin is certainly blotchier, so this is good for me. As far as the "extra" in BB cream? I don't know, it still seems a bit like tinted moisturizer to me, but it stays on better.