Thursday, June 27, 2013

Surprise surprise, it's going to rain on Friday. Run inside again?

Last night I did something I don't normally do.

I got on my treadmill at 630 at night.  Yes, I have a treadmill and I don't use it very often because when I do, I feel that running is torture and not satisfying. Anyway, I was feeling stressed and soft (my new word for flabby), and I just did it. Just like Nike says. Although I think my verb tense is wrong or something.

It was very ugly. My treadmill is about 15 years old now and I think I have to get it calibrated or something because I was DYING running at my normal, slow speed. That is first on my summer to do list.  I could barely get two miles done and that was with me catching my breath every 5. Oh boy. But, I was also: very tired, worked a full day, recovering from my cold still, and very bored, even though I was watching John Oliver on the Daily Show. None of my treadmill tricks were working. But, I did do it and that is something.

I had hoped to run tomorrow, but the forecast is showers with flooding possible, so depending on everything, I might run inside. I used to laugh at those people who run when it is raining, but I get it now. Although I think there is a difference from torrential rain to a little sprinkle. You all know how I feel about running inside. In case you need a reminder: I rather eat glass.  Women's Health had an article online about Motivation Running Tips. They include:

1.  Success. Picture yourself doing what you need to do.  Okay, I can do that. They recommend doing it before and if necessary, during a workout.
2.  Find your mantra. I already do this and some of mine are "you can do this" "if you can do tabata you can do this" and this one is terrible but works, "everyone is watching."

The third and forth tips involved getting yourself out the door and smiling. Those two are not problems for me, although the smile is usually a Hey it's over and you did it!

So, everyone please do a reverse rain dance and cross your fingers for sunshine, because I really want to run. Yup, you heard that right. And I;m going to try one of my new treats from Kona Kase.