Saturday, June 22, 2013

Oh No. Is Oxygen out of Air? What other magazines do you read?

Yesterday I posted a link to a free subscription to Shape. While I like it,  I can usually skim through it in a few minutes and maybe fold back a few pages. It does feature a lot Jillian Michaels, from the biggest loser, so that helps a little bit. I feel the same way about Fitness Magazine. It seems like exercise is not emphasized as much now and hair and makeup and sex and money and other random topics take up more pages (BTW, that's what Glamour is for). The magazine that I feel is the gold standard, however, is Oxygen. I save all my issues and go back over them and always bring a few pages with me to the gym. I don't do so well with the recipes, though, since I like easy and ingredients that I have on hand (those seem complicated to me). It is an expensive magazine, but one that I kept renewing. And let me say, that those women are amazing looking. Another magazine that I like, but haven't renewed in a few years is Muscle and Fitness Hers. I did feel that the workouts got repetitive (lots of biceps), but I save those as well.

But, in regard to Oxygen, Robert Kennedy, the founder/publisher passed away last year and I read online that the new publisher shut it down due to bankruptcy. I don't know if that means it is a done deal or what, but OH NO Oxygen.

I will tell you that I do read men's fitness magazines and find great ideas there, too. If you go through, like I told you to do a long, long time ago, you can get subscriptions for sometimes 25% -50% off. I am also always getting emails from with great deals.

My guilty pleasure though? Entertainment Weekly every Friday. The bullseye is terrific!

So, what are you going to read now? Any ideas?