Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Much better! All about the SMUSH!

It felt good to workout! Honestly. Although I know that I am going to be super sore later. We did a lot of shoulders, and I am going to try to do that same routine at home on Thursday. If I type it, then it has to be true, right? I used to split my workouts half weights and half cardio. I know all the different research and how weights continues the calorie loss even after you stop exercising and that HIIT takes the cake (oh I wish). Lately I have been cardio heavy because I am trying to shed pounds. Now that work is almost over, I can add another day of weights back into my routine. I'm hoping the combo will do the trick because the shorts that I just tried on were a bit snug.

I love my Lululemon No limits tanks. I usually wear them spinning since they are so lightweight. I decided to wear it today since it is 95 again here and my gym heats up quickly. Usually I wear a 4 in bras and a 8 in tanks, since I often find Lululemon tanks and tops very, very fitted, and I don't need to feel like I am wearing a bathing suit inside. Also, often I feel like the sleeves are extremely tight, and I really don't have big arms. So the point of this whole sizing thing is I wear a 6 in the No Limits but it really doesn't give me a lot of support. It was not a good idea today, since we did all sorts of squat jumps, lunge jumps and just jumps. I think next time in the store I will try a smaller size just to see how it fits. It's all about the smush. That's why I love those Energy Bras. Keep those fabulous colors coming!

But, I know that exercise is only a small part of losing weight. You can't out exercise a bad diet. Someone said that to me once and it really stuck. For me, that means being really diligent about planning my eating. Of course it helps this week that both my kids are away so I can cook some fish and vegetables, too. Here goes:

Breakfast was oatmeal and chocolate peanut butter, cherry Fage greek yogurt
Snack before gym was Kind bar
Snack after was cheese stick, since I really wasn't hungry, but wanted some protein anyway
Lunch was apple pie protein smoothie
Snack: maybe another avocado adventure
Dinner: leftover grilled shrimp with peaches and brown rice
Before bed: eggo waffle and more chocolate peanut butter

Like I said, if I type it it has to be true!
I also have a long day at work tomorrow, so I am going to plan out tomorrow's meals right now. Gotta go....