Monday, June 17, 2013

Reebok, I think I love ya! You make my heart sing...

I have been looking for new cross-training shoes for a while now. I use them primarily for kickboxing and tabata, so I wanted something with a lot of cushioning and support for lateral movements. I have big, wide, flat feet and had bunion surgery on one foot ten years ago and am trying to avoid that for the other foot. I wear orthotics in my running shoes, you know the ones I love saying, Asics Gel Noosa Tri. So as you can imagine, I am very particular about my shoes!

I went to Dicks Sporting Goods over the weekend. I don't know if you have a Dicks near you, but don't get me started. I hope my experience was specific to my location, because I know they carry a lot online. The woman who helped me was lovely, but they had so few shoes for training. I get that if you need running shoes, you probably need a specialized shoe based on if you pronate or overpronate and all that other stuff. Yes, there were a lot of running shoes to choose from, but, running shoes will not give me the support I need. They didn't carry Reebok. What's up with that? With all the cross fit shoes that Reebok makes now, aren't they missing a huge market? They carried a few of the Nike Frees, but they had only one in my size. In an awful color. BTW, I really don't get the Nike Frees. To me, it seems as if my foot is hitting pavement. Ouch. So I walked out with nothing, which is frustrating because I really was ready to spend some money.

Yesterday, after tabata, I collapsed on the sofa for a while. My legs were like jello! One of my babies was wedged in with me and we snuggled for a long time. And then I got my second wind. Hurray for second winds. 

I went to a Reebok outlet, which is about 25 minutes away. Honestly, I completely forgot it was there. I won't make that mistake again. Not only were the shoes cheaper than what I could find anywhere else, it was BOGO. You know me, I love a deal. The staff was super helpful and more than one person came over to see if I needed anything. Not a huge selection of training shoes, but about what was available at Dicks. I ended up with 2 pairs of the RealFlex Transition. I'm very excited to wear them tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

I also ended up with two water bottles that are soooo loud, I will never leave them anywhere (I have left water bottles everywhere, like my lip glosses).

Right? Yikes. 

I was really too tired to look at the clothes, but there was a lot of really nice looking stuff. In fact, I am glad that I was too tired as my Lululemon stash is overflowing. I do feel that often I wear my exercise clothes more than I wear "regular" clothes!