Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lululemon, a smoothie, the ac is fixed and it is my day off. Oh happy day!

Apart from the fact that Game of Thrones was a bloodbath. I just watched it last night after reading a lot of headlines about it. I am not a fanatic about GoT and I honestly can't figure out who is related to who and the storylines are a little too confusing for me, but I did like the whole Stark clan. WOW. I hate to see what the finale is like. But then it means True Blood is on and I am so ready.

Anyway, today is my day to workout in a small group with a trainer and weights. So much fun. Really! I can tell it was killer because when I went to lift up my arms to wash my hair, I felt like spaghetti. I'm okay at pushing myself when I go on my own to the gym , but there is nothing like someone telling you what to do and then watching you do it. There is no cheating. I also know that this is my hour and I am not thinking of skipping out because there are so many errands to do. Yeah, it is a lot of money, but this is one of those things that I am willing to spend money on because it gets results.

I wore the new Lululemon charcoal Wunder Unders that I picked up over the weekend. I don't think they are the most flattering on me, but I really like them and they are super soft. They do fit a little differently, I almost felt like I had to keep pulling them up and yet the waistband seemed very tight. I also wore my Energy Bra and an old, old black Cool Racerback that has ruffles around the neck and arms. I think it was a special holiday release a few years ago. I would love more of that!!!

I tried the Carrot cake smoothie that I saw on dashingdish.com and I didn't love it. I think the apple pie smoothie works for me because it has a whole apple in it, I throw in the spinach, it has almond milk and it is sweet. It is super filling and I can actually have it as a meal replacement. This was okay, and would work better as a snack. Not sweet enough for me. There are a few more interesting smoothies on her website that I will work my way through. 

When I was in my early forties, I used to wonder about why women who were older than me complained about losing weight. Well, I wonder no more. YIKES. This will definitely be the topic of more posts, but I want to know if anyone has any tricks and how do you not get discouraged. Looking at this side picture is not pleasant! I know women as they age are prone to carrying weight around their middle, but really. I did that when I was pregnant and I don't think I have to do it again.