Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cottage cheese is your friend. Do I really need special Bose exercise headphones?

I saw an article on Lifehacker today about the best exercise headphones. I have to admit, that this isn't something that I have given a lot of thought to. I typically run using the new fancy headphones that came with my iPhone. I like them because they fit in my ears much better than the old ones and I can adjust the volume on the wire and not have to press any buttons. They also are fine for when I am on the elliptical trainer and I need to tune out the absolutely rude person next to me chatting on the phone about her mother-in-law. 

Well, according to Lifehacker, the results are in and the Bose IE2/MIE2 In-Ear Headphones and the Bose SIE2 came in first. Second place went to Motorola S10-HD wireless headphones.  The Bose headphones retail between $100-$150 and Motorola are about $80. I'm curious- am I missing something really important here or is that just another attempt to get my money? I haven't seen a comparison between the iPhone headphones and Bose and wonder what the difference is. My son has the noise canceling headphones and once had an issue with them and Bose replaced them- yeah Bose customer service. My daughter has the in-ear ones (and is always losing the rubbery inserts), but she does like the headphones. I wonder how the ones she has compare to the new sport ones.  They look pretty cool, especially that lime green color. Let me know your thoughts. 

I used to hate cottage cheese. I used to look at it and think of regurgitated food. I'm not sure what happened, but I eat cottage cheese almost every day. It is so good for you!  One of my healthiest, easiest and fastest (not necessarily pretty looking though) lunch ideas involves cottage cheese. As you may know, I have a sweet tooth. Every once in a while I eat cottage cheese with avocado, cucumber, grape tomatoes and lots of cracked pepper. Most of the time, I go for sweet. I buy low fat cottage cheese, usually small curd, and add some shredded coconut, fresh fruit, and the secret ingredient…cinnamon. What I normally do is buy some frozen fruit from the grocery store (cheap and with all of its nutrients still intact) and defrost it and then add whatever is in season to it. Today, my frozen fruit was cherries and peaches. I added some blackberries and raspberries from my fridge. I usually add some regular shredded coconut, but I found this Dang stuff at the store and love it. It does have a lot of calories, but the flavor is intense. Cinnamon just gives it a dessert taste. Yum. Ready in under 5 minutes!