Monday, June 24, 2013

Can't wait to exercise! What? Really! Kona Kase review.

As I mentioned previously, it has been a very hectic few days! On top of all of the end of year activities and my work starting to wind down, I got one of those dreaded colds and had laryngitis and a yucky sounding cough. It feels like my chest cold is just starting to go away and I finally can talk and breathe without sounding like death has warmed over. As a result, I haven't exercised in one week, which for me is a VERY long time. And, to make matters worse, it has been nonstop celebrations, which means food. Lots of it. And all of it tasting good. I think I put on weight. I know I put on weight. I can't remember looking this awful in a while.

So, instead of just complaining and being disgusted with how I look and feel, I am jumping back into the swing of things right away. If I let this inactivity go any longer, it could get ugly. 

Tomorrow is my day to workout with a trainer and I know that is always motivating. I'm sure I'll be sore for days afterwords. Friday, its either run or spin and then the reverse on Saturday. Sunday is Tabata. No excuses. Remember, I have to fit into all the Lululemon clothes I have. After Thursday I am done work and can get back to taking care of me. Later tonight I will map out a eating plan as well. Although it is so ridiculously hot here, who feels like cooking? It's going to have to be me.

I ate two things from my kona kase. These pictures are actually missing the two items I already ate.

The first was a Kind bar, with Madagascar Vanilla Almond. It was delicious. They say to eat it an hour before working out. I had it as a snack at work. It was kindof filling. The other was a OneBar and it was a mango bar. I love dried mango and could eat it by the truckload, but it is pure sugar. This is one pure serving of fruit with no added sugar and it was sweet on its own. Also, totally delicious. I ate it as a snack, but next time would have to have some yogurt or something else. I really like this. Tomorrow maybe I'll try the mamma Chia or clif shot.