Friday, June 28, 2013

More on Charcoal Wunder Unders. Kona scores!

I ran inside today and it was so beeping muggy and hot in my gym, that I should have run outside. It was an ugly 4 miles, but I did it. With lots of breaks in between, which I know I wouldn't have needed if I were outside. I need to strengthen my inside mental workout. I guess between being sick and graduations, it has been more like 2 1/2 weeks since I really ran, and it showed. But, I feel good now!

I wore my Lululemon charcoal wunder unders and while I do really like them, they clearly showed how much I sweat, and where (yup, right in the crotch). Plus, there is a little bit of pilling in the inner thighs. Yes, I know, my thighs rub together, and I have noticed this on a few of my other black groove crops. I'll have to see if this gets very obvious. I really, really hope not. I haven't been able to get in a store lately to try on the black wunder unders, but I have read there are some issues with sheerness. Are you kidding me????

One of the items in my kona kase was Halfpops. They are crunchy, partially popped kernels of popcorn. I thought this was a great snack if you were really hungry and needed portion control, because it is so, so chewy that it made me eat very slowly. However, I was worried about cracking a tooth and didn't finish the bag. They were nice and salty, and I did like the taste. I also tried Mama Chia, which is like applesauce with chia in it and it was amazing. Lots of omega 3 and fiber. They recommended drinking/eating it an hour before working out and I forgot to do that, and had it after my run. It's only 70 calories and I had an apple to go with it. This was a winner. The website is and I have to look into this! Two items to go: Dr. Will Bar  and Osmo Nutrition, which I think is like a crystal light packet/gatorade mix.

I'm going to try to fit in that shoulder routine I did the other day. First, have to take my puppy to the vet. Yup, puppy. Hence the reason I am so tired- I'm not sleeping and I am chasing this little furball around.