Friday, June 7, 2013

Thank you Andrea! I had to run inside today.

As I have mentioned, running is not my favorite thing to do, but I do love the sense of accomplishment when I am done. I also love the way it burns calories. So I keep on going.

I love to run outside. As long as it is not too hot, I am good to go. I find I am distracted enough by the flowers, the cars passing, the other runners, just about anything and the time goes by. I also find that there is no short changing my run, since I either do a loop or go 2.5 miles and then turn around, so I have to keep on running to get home. It would be embarrassing to call my son to come get me.

Today, Tropical Storm Andrea is dumping 4 inches of rain, so I went to my gym and ran on the treadmill.  Oh my, was that awful. All I can think about is how much this hurts...boy am I running slowly.... what am I making dinner...when can I stop. I managed to get 4 miles done, but it wasn't pretty. It is just so boring. It is a mental workout, as well as physical.

I have a few tricks to help me keep going. One thing I do is ladders, so each minute I increase my speed. I do this for 5 minutes, and then go back to my original speed. I like this because I have recovery and then push my self. I also say to myself I can do anything for one minute. The downside is that I am completely focused on the clock. Which seems to never move. The other trick is to change my speed every song. Sometimes this works to my advantage, sometimes not. Sometimes I plan what my weight workout will be when I am done. Today I realized that I needed new tricks.! So what do you think about when you are on the treadmill? What gets you through? Help!


IIt's graduation weekend, so there is lots of eating and drinking planned. Knowing that in advance really helped me push to 4 miles. Could I have done that extra mile? I'm afraid so. But I also didn't want to be unconscious on the sofa today when we have things to do.