Thursday, June 13, 2013

Whittling the middle (I hope) day 2 update. Looking for new shoes.

Well day 2 was much harder to eat clean.  Not looking forward to day 3, my day when I practically live in the classroom. I feel like I get into school and hunger takes over. I can eat so much better when I am at home.

Breakfast was oatmeal and a tablespoon of peanut butter. And a very small dumping of sugar and creamer into my coffee. Woo hoo. I didn't taste a big difference. NOT. Snack was carrots, cherub tomatoes (love) and chobani pineapple yogurt. Lunch was overnight oats from and an apple. Then it hit me about 3:00 and all of the sudden I was starving. I ate an apple and cheese stick and then there was nothing left to eat.  Luckily I only had a half hour left, so I kept on drinking water. I generally don't let myself get to the starving point, because then I want to eat everything in sight! I made it home and ate a hardboiled egg that I prepared before I left for work yesterday morning. That was enough to hold me over to dinner. Phew. 

My daughter wanted to go out to eat because it was just the two of us for dinner again, and I had to say yes. But, we went to Legal Seafood and I had shrimp, broccoli and jasmine rice (Jasmine Special). No bread, no wine, no dessert. The idea of being accountable (to you) is very powerful. That is why having a goal (big or small) and sharing that goal is so important. I picked 5 days because I knew my schedule with kids and activities, knew it was doable, and felt that anything over that for me would be too much denial. I like to throw a cheat/treat meal in the mix and knew that would be on day 6. 

But, where I am struggling is that when I do eat healthy I tend to eat the same things over and over again. So, I'm asking you for some new healthy snack ideas. I find that I eat a lot of the same things: apple and cheese stick or peanut butter, veggies, crackers and hummus, yogurt or cottage cheese and fruit. Every once in a while I throw in a protein bar. And avocado. And of course my nightly eggo waffle with chocolate peanut butter. 

I'm still a little sore from my workout yesterday. I did realize though that I need new sneakers. I used to have a pair of Reebok zig cross trainers that I loved. They provided me with a lot of cushioning and were mesh across the top so my big fat, wide feet could fit without any rubbing. I bought two pairs because I was afraid they would be discontinued, and guess what, they were discontinued. Now I am wearing a pair of Asics cross trainers. As you know, I love and love saying, Asics Gel Noosa Tri 7. I'm not sure which Asics model I have now, but they are just okay. There are so many great looking shoes that I am a little overwhelmed and don't even know where to start. Reading reviews online is confusing and not really reliable because everyone has something that they love or don't love. Often I find shoes feel great in the store, or the first few workouts, and then they don't. So, I'm open to suggestions. I might have to take a trip to those outlets sooner than later. 

Remember, it takes work, but keep it up!  I'll let you know how I am doing, so we can all commiserate together!