Monday, June 3, 2013

A little lipstick never killed nobody

That Fergie song, "A little party never killed nobody" is stuck in my head! And that is the only line I know, which makes it even more annoying. Argh

I think I am a lipstick addict. I have lipstick in my car, in my bag, in my coat pocket, in my gym bag, stashed around the house, and other random places. You know how people put on a winter coat for the first time in the fall and find money, well I find my missing lipstick. Or lipsticks. 

Living in New England, my lips get very dry in the winter. They also get dry in the summer. I know that often the heat or air conditioning is blowing right on me and that doesn't help. I also know that I talk all day at work and that doesn't help either. Plus, when I exercise, I breathe through my mouth.  All these things combined give me chapped lips. So I am that person who always has lipstick or lipgloss on.  Even at the gym or when I go for a run. Especially when I run. I don't bring keys, but I do bring something for my lips. I am really good at applying gloss while running. At least I think I am.

I have come to the conclusion that Bobbi Brown rich lip color stays on me the best while hydrating my lips. So, when I was at the mall trying to cool off the other day, I stopped at the Bobbi Brown counter at Nordstrom and a very lovely lady helped me pick out a new shade for summer! Such a little thing, but boy, lipstick can be a real picker-upper. Of course, I also walked out with the Sheer Color Cheek tint in Summer PInk and I am in love. It looks like I have a natural rosy flushed cheek and even a makeup klutz like me can put it on. I'm even debating getting another one. The lip color that I bought is  

The top color is the lipstick. These pictures don't do the colors justice, though. Note to self, next time apply lipstick over age spots or burn from oven!

As far as lip gloss goes, Carmex is the worst. It just dries my lips out. I love Aquaphor and
I did walk out with Bobbi Brown tube tint in Pink Cloud. It is a little sticky but stays on pretty well. It's a really gorgeous color. I think I got suckered into spending $19 for it. But that's okay, since I know I will end up using it.

Somedays, or most days,  when I don't get to shower after the gym and I am wearing my sweaty Lululemon clothes, I don't feel quite so yucky because I have lipstick on!