Saturday, June 8, 2013

Subsciption of the month clubs- have you ever tried them?

It is so much fun to get a surprise package in the mail! Speaking of which, my Slice app should notifiy me any minute about my Lululemon voyage hoodie being delivered. I'm such a techie (my children are laughing at me).

I love makeup, and have tried out two cosmetic-oriented subscription services:  Birchbox and QVC Beauty Tube. 

I paid for Birchbox upfront and kind of regretted that after the first month or so. Even though there was a questionnaire about me and my preferences, I felt that the items I got really weren't so great. They were packaged and wrapped amazingly, though. My daughter, on the other hand, loved some of the nail polish samples. I think it came out to $10 a month, and when you think about it, that can only mean just a few items in every box. Every month included another perfume sample, and I really don't need that. There was an occasional  eyeliner or lipgloss and that was super. So, for me, Birchbox was a thumbs down. 

QVC, on the other hand, I just loved. It was a lot more money, I think around $40, and it came every 3 or 4 months, but it came with FULL SIZED items. And a lot of them I really liked and ended up buying more of.  Some of them I still have and use. There were brands such as Ole Henrickson, Tarte, Mally, Stila, Dr Perricone, and lots of Philosophy. I am not sure why or how I stopped getting them. I might have to look into that. I know there are limited quantities and you can get it on auto-delivery. 

The reason I mention this is that I saw that there is a subscription service called Kona Kase and it is all about premium endurance nutrition samples. There are 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions, you can cancel at anytime, and it is only $15 per case. I'm wondering if anyone has tried it yet and what goodies were inside!  The service only looks about 6 months old, and last month it included Popcorners, GU Chomps (2), Luna Bar, GU Energy Gel (2), GU Brew Recovery, Oh Yeah! Bar and GU Brew Electrolyte Tablets. Some of these products I use and others I have really wondered about! It sounds very promising!

With all the scientific evidence about fueling your body before a workout and after a workout, I'm always looking for that right something. I do love Gu Chomps and use them before my Tabata and some of my runs, but haven't tried any of the other products available. I might have to really look into this Kona Kase. Sorry, new Bose Headphones, you might have to wait for another day. 

Today to group kick I wore my Lululemon groove crops. They are so old and still in fabulous condition. Can't wait for them to come back to the stores and I hope they are thick and compressive. Also my energy bra and first base tank. I like this tank because it is super soft and provides a little more coverage than a CRB (on the butt and back). The material is a little clingy though.