Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lululemon is looking for a CEO!

I stopped in to Luluemon last night to get my daughter's groove pants. I was so excited to get the mod moves crop in some of the new colors that had been released and... SOLD OUT. What? So I had to buy it online and it takes one whole week to get a delivery from Lululemon.  Really, that is a crazy long time. I also tried on the Cool Racerback in groovy strip nimbus and really loved it, but the white was too see through for me. Maybe if it was more black/soot and less white. Anyway, I did end up with the Ta Ta Topper. I bought the black with stripes and purple. It provides enough coverage over the midsection, which I really, really need right now. It seems very similar to the Tame Me Tank, just racerback. I did return the two groovy shorts I bought the last time I was in there. The zippy green was okay, but the vertical striped nimbus was so tight around the legs and waist. How can two items the same size be so different? So frustrating! Are you listening new CEO?

This was a much better eating day. Don't know why, as I pretty much ate the same things as yesterday. Dinner was a boring, but easy, breaded chicken (secret ingredient pecorino romano) and Alexia Sweet Potato Waffle Fries, which were so great. I didn't have time to cook my own sweet potato fries and these only take about 20 minutes. As I have said before, I love Alexia.

The forecast is another downpour tomorrow. My poor peonies. June has been wet and wetter. A summer Noreaster on my day off? Ugh. So I am taking a spinning class tomorrow and will plan my run for Saturday, although that means I have to miss my group kick. I hate to miss it, but I know that I will run much better outside.

How are the goals going? I did pretty well today. Knowing there is an end in sight is helpful, too.