Saturday, June 1, 2013

Anything to escape the heat- Lululemon Charcoal Wunder Unders

Where do you go to cool off? The mall, of course. Next to the Apple store, I think Lululemon is the second busiest store. I know I am there way too much. I wonder what percent of Lululemon's sales are now from teenage girls buying headbands? My daughter "inherited" mine when I discovered the gangbuster, but every time I am in there now, it seems as if teenage girls are swarming the headband area! If anyone has a teenage girl, tell me if you recognize this outfit: Uggs and North Face jackets (I live in New England), skinny jeans or leggings and Lululemon headbands. Messy buns or top knots. Like clones.

In my mission to find better running shorts, I tried on the Groovy shorts. While I liked them, they fit me pretty much like the turbo that I have. I also tried the Speed short, but they were way to low and short. I really tried to love the Work it Out shorts, but they just didn't lay right on me. Plus, I do like a liner and they kindof got bulky at the pockets. Oh well. I did walk out with the new wunder unders. Oops.

Black is just so forgiving but I have so many black crops. That is how I rationalized a new pair. We will see if I end up keeping them because I wonder about sweat and cellulite. I love the New Limits Tank and the Back on Track tanks because they are super at camouflaging the midsection but there isn't enough support for me in them for anything but lifting weights. I have a few and just can't justify getting more. I wish Lululemon had a tank or top that wasn't super tight. Oh, and I loved the Voyage hoodie and Go With The Flow bag. I made myself walk out without them, but I know that I can order them online. Thinking about the gray/black hoodie and I'm not sure what color bag. Might be a great beach bag. Hmmmm. 

Oh- Nouvelle Vague (like a robins egg blue) by Chanel on my toes! Major blister from wearing my summer shoes. All you gals who live in the warm weather all year round have no idea what I just said, right?