Saturday, June 15, 2013

I got passed while running. Mod moves reviews. Day 4

It's 8:30 am I am back from my run already! I have the whole day to goof off...I mean recover.

I went to bed very early since my sleep the night before was interrupted, so I was ready to go bright and early. I wore my Lululemon mod moves crop in zippy green. Looking at the photo, the pockets kindof accentuate my hips, but I really love those pockets. The waistband is also a little on the tight side, but that is my goal- to get it not so tight.  I stick my phone in there and it is deep enough that it won't fall out. I wore an old pink swiftly tank. It kept riding up, though. I think the luxtreme, or whatever these crops are made of, don't provide the friction that luon does.

I actually ran 5.2 miles. I stopped to walk briefly twice, so I ran extra. Actually, I took a different way home because my usual loop is only 4.8 miles and I knew if I passed my house, I would not keep going. Anyway, I got passed on my run and I had to really concentrate on not speeding up or getting frustrated. I was only at mile 2 and knew I had a long way to go, so I didn't want to overdo it too early. And don't get me started on hills!

Going to hop in the shower, put on my compression socks, and curl up with The Hit, but David Balducci. Then I'll plan out today and tomorrow's meals and get to the grocery store.