Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mad for Mod Moves Crop

I wore these Lululemon mod moves crops to my hot, sweaty gym today because I knew I would be doing mostly weights and I need a place to stick my iphone. PERFECT! While this might not be the most matchy, matchy outfit, it worked out fine. As I mentioned before, I don't particularly care for the accent on my hips, but I love those pockets.

I did manage to do that shoulder routine that I did Tuesday. Well, almost all of it. I also got to work triceps and did a drop set on my chest. Pooped. Plus, that puppy keeps me moving. I get a workout even before I get to the gym. If she ever calms down, then I can do some abs at home. Fingers crossed. 

Biggest pet peeve? When people (mostly men) leave crazy heavy weights loaded on a machine and leave it there. It's one thing if you are coming back to it, but come on, today there was 50 lb on the machine to do squats (having a mental moment and can't think of it) and lunges. On each side. And it was in an awkward position, too. And there was no one on staff to ask. Ugh. And that is my rant of the day. Pick up after yourself!