Friday, June 21, 2013

Yesterday Epic Fail! Summer colds are the pits!

Despite having the best of intentions, yesterday was a very bad eating day. And I'm not holding my breath about the next few days either. We celebrated my son's 18 birthday (for what seems like18 straight days), we are sending my daughter away for the summer and work is winding down and there are celebrations/food everywhere. So my goal of eating very clean hit a bit of a roadblock. And then it crashed and burned. I was able to do it for part of the day and not the rest, and I think this will be the pattern for a few more days. 

Normally, I exercise pretty religiously Friday (run), Saturday (kick) and Sunday (tabata), but that too isn't happening. It seems like we have plans all day every day for the next couple. Last night, before I went to bed, I mentally planned out taking a quick run- I should be able to squeeze 30 minutes somewhere. But, my scratchy throat has become a cough and I can barely breathe, let alone huff and puff. Nyquil has left me a little groggy. Nope, no running today.

Yikes. So the key here is to NOT let it become a pattern! Recognize that sometimes life does get in the way. I am trying very hard to enjoy these few days because they don't happen often and it is all good stuff. I know there will be time when this is over to get back to my schedule and healthy eating habits. Once Monday comes around, it is back to boring here and I can get back in black (lululemon that is). I mean,  back on track. 

As I was browsing online the other day, I saw on a list of 8 social networks for fitness freaks. This is the link.

I have found that it really helps to be accountable to someone. Usually this is ME. Now it is YOU and ME. But, I am all about using whatever is out there to motivate you and keep you going. Check out the link- it's a great idea!

The Konakase came and since I have a cold and no tastebuds whatsoever, I only tried one item out of the box. I'll be reviewing when I have a few more to talk about, but first impressions: YUM and it seems like a excellent deal. I'll keep you posted....