Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lululemon shopping. Throwing up at Tabata? Bobbi Brown on QVC

Well, there were black groove pants at Lululemon today! With a few different waistbands. Oh happy day! The luon didn't feel as thick as old luon but still good. I don't think the old thick material is coming back, and it is time for me to accept that fact. It's too hot for me to buy pants now, so I can wait til the fall. I hope they upload some crops though. That would be a big problem for my wallet. I also picked up the mod moves crop in white. I was really hoping that the latest upload would have these in a different color (have green, purple went so fast) because I'm really digging the pockets. I figure I have two weeks to return them if they do get released. I also broke down and got two pairs of groovy run shorts - the new black and white vertical stripes and zippy green. I tried the mod moves top on and just didn't love it enough. The purple was very pretty and not sheer at all. I really wanted to love this. I have the black short sleeve turn it up tee and this really reminded me of it, just with a different neckline. It didn't totally lay right on me  either and looks so much like the other top that I was able to talk myself out of it. Pat on the back. But….I saw the Sand to Savasana duffel and absolutely love it. My store only had the black and that looked super. I'm not sure how bright that pink would be. That bag is going to cause me a lot of mental debate as I have a perfectly fine Lululemon bag that I do love. Anyway, that is my two cents on today's excursion. Crazy crowded in the store!

Today I took a Tabata class. Wow, does that class kill me (especially since I missed last week because of air conditioning issues).  The way it is taught in my gym is 20 seconds of intense exercise, and then 10 seconds rest. The exercise, usually two that alternate although sometimes it is the same one over and over again, is done for a total of 8 times, so really only 160 seconds. Let me tell you by the end of each round, your body just wants to stop. The class is only 45 minutes, and by the end, I am so done. I probably didn't explain the format too well, but the point is high intensity cardio with short breaks. All of the scientific studies say that this type of exercise burns more calories than any other. I find that I my heart rate is very high and my muscles get burnt out, so I believe it. I think this is a similar workout to the Insanity DVD. I would definitely recommend this type of class, knowing that you can always modify it because it is intense. Have you taken a class like this? Did you love it and want to throw up or throw in the towel? 

Today I wore my energy bra (no bouncing allowed), my new charcoal wunder unders, and black clarity tank. 

wow- those pictures came out dark. and look just like the outfit I wore the other day!

By the way, Bobbi Brown is appearing on QVC Tuesday I think and there is a pretty great special value. It includes: 

 Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Twilight Night Shimmer Ink
     Rich Lip Color in Nude Rose

     Shimmer Brick in Wild Rose

    Foundation Stick in your shade choice

    Extreme Party Mascara in Black

    One Mini Blender Brush

    One Mini Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush

    I  think I am set with blush, since I love the new stick sheer color cheek tint, and I have issues applying the gel eyeliner, so this might not be such a great bargain for me. Plus, I have my eye on that duffel bag. Decisions, decisions.