Wednesday, June 5, 2013

All Bad Things Must Come to an End. OMG! More tips to save on workout clothes. Stupid Cat Tricks.

Forget GoT. Breaking Bad just released a new trailer. How many days until August 11? I never want the summer to go by, but for Walter White, I might make an exception. But then all that badness will be over and that is going to be bad. Bad, bad, bad. I'm so excited!

Anyway,  how far would you drive to save a dollar or ten? Let's see…the outlets are about 60 miles from my house, so after doing some basic math, with the help of a calculator of course, I think I need to save about $25 to make up for the cost of gas. Boy, gas is expensive. I might go this weekend as I have company coming for graduation and it would be fun for everyone. My outlets have NIke, Reebok and Under Armor. Oh, were you thinking of "real" clothes? There is a Tory Burch, Banana Republic, JCrew, Ugg, Coach, Off Fifth, and a Bloomingdales outlet. I'm still on the hunt for running shorts since Lululemon is just not working for me right now, and it is always fun to check out what is in the stores. I know in outlets, though, some of them are "factory stores" which means that I might not be getting such a bargain. And I live for a bargain. That way I can justify my group training. See, it all works out in my head.

I already told you about Ebates, I'll tell you about another site I use, called Hukkster. I think it is relatively new, and it might not work on every store, but it works like this. You set up an account and add the items that you want to watch, and it emails you when the price drops. I just got a notification the other day that Eastbay dropped the price on my Asics Noosa running shoes. So if I were going to buy another pair, I would go through Ebates and find Eastbay and then make my purchase. Cha Ching!  (cash register noise). I'm sure there are many such search engines that do the same thing. Which ones do you use? I also have my eye on (I hukked it, as they say) a Gucci Soho Cross Body Bag, but I have to save big bucks before I can even think about that. It's fun to have something to dream about. 

Since I do so much online shopping, I have a really fun app on my iphone called Slice. You enter in the email address that you use for shopping and it keeps track of everything that you buy. It has your purchase and shipping information and will tell you when to expect a shipment and when your package is actually delivered. 

This morning one of my cats was sleeping on the night table next to my head and knocked the alarm clock onto the floor, scaring me to death while somehow managing to turn it on at the same time. Smart cat, huh? So I am pretty much asleep with my eyes open. I couldn't fall back to sleep knowing that I had to wake up in an hour for work. I had planned on running after work, but getting about 6 hours sleep and being sore from yesterday's workout means I'll have to take a pass. My body is saying no. My body is screaming no. Definitely too tired to run. In fact, I'm too tired to do pretty much anything right now.

I'm really interested in the Lululemon Mod moves short sleeve- not too tight around the middle, I hope. I might get to a store this weekend. Still hoping that they release the Mod moves crop in new colors. I have the zippy green one and I don't want all black. I did order the two tones grey/black Voyage Hoodie, which according to Slice on my phone, will be deliver on Saturday. Pretty cool, huh?